10 Turkish Series To Watch On Netflix-September 2022

Entertainment10 Turkish Series To Watch On Netflix-September 2022

There have been a lot of series produced in Turkey over the years. Some of them have been very popular, so much so that they have been shown on national television as well as on Netflix.

These Turkish series are among the most watched programmes in the world right now because of their availability on Netflix.

Many foreign TV producers are worried that their jobs may be threatened by the success of the Turkish series on Netflix. That’s due to the large number of popular Turkish TV series streaming on Netflix.

In this piece, we’ll provide a rundown of some of the best Turkish Netflix programmes. Don’t stop reading if you’re curious about these Turkish shows!

1. The Gift

Turkish Series To Watch

Based on real events, this Netflix original series is adapted on a novel by engül Boybaş. The story takes place at Göbekli Tepe, an ancient site in Turkey’s Anatolia area where 11,000-year-old standing stones were discovered. The play capitalises on the enigma that has surrounded the area since the construction began. The story follows a young painter from Istanbul who has been depicting the same enigmatic symbol in her works ever since she was a child. When she learns that the symbol was unearthed at a site in Göbekli Tepe, everything changes for her. Her dangerous quest to learn the truth about her history has begun. The streaming media giant has confirmed a second season of the Turkish fantasy drama.

2. Love 101

Turkish Series To Watch

The plot follows a quartet of social misfits in Istanbul’s educational system as they devise a plan to prevent their beloved teacher, Burcu, from leaving the school. When everyone else at school, including the headmaster, thinks they won’t amount to anything, she’s the only one who fights to keep them in school. They devise a scheme to marry her off to their grumpy basketball coach so that she stays in Istanbul. They grow closer as people and as friends as a result of this experience.

3. Resurrection: Ertugrul

Turkish Series To Watch

The Turkish historical fiction Resurrection: Ertugrul focuses on the Ottoman Empire. A great warrior from the 13th century, our hero is a legend in his own day. In addition to being the patriarch of the entire empire, he is the father of Osmon. He battles the Crusaders, the Byzantines, and the Mongols all while defending his people’s right to live in peace and fairness.

This epic series is full with exciting events. Authentic to life, it depicts the Muslim lifestyle of a Turkik Asian community.

Kurulus: Osman is the title of a follow-up series in the same universe. All of the characters and events are based on real people from history, however they are blown out of proportion for dramatic effect.

4. The Innocent

Turkish Series To Watch

If you enjoy shows like Broadchurch and Stranger Things, as well as other grim mysteries set in seemingly perfect small villages, you may enjoy this Netflix-commissioned Turkish mystery series.

In the show, a homicide detective becomes involved in a disturbing murder investigation involving a local former police officer and his family.

So, when he digs deeper into the property, he unearths the terrifying history that had been hidden away from public view. Intrigue, a murder mystery, and even a little bit of terror are all on tap for this show.

5. Intersection

Turkish Series To Watch

Ali Karasu, the protagonist of Intersection, is a former racing car driver who inherits his father’s successful business while also pursuing other goals. A lovely doctor who saves the life of his best friend and who also happens to be treating his son, whom he had never met before, causes a major shift in his plans.

The story deals with themes of love and grief as its protagonists strive to make sense of their complex lives.

The plot is intricate and full of conflict, intrigue, comedy, and romance, and the acting is superb. In the end, Intersection is a Turkish TV show about the emotional bond shared by a father and son amidst the unpredictability of life’s circumstances.

6. Kurt Seyit ve Sura

Kurt Seyit ve Sura

This historical drama has its roots in actual events. An attractive Turkish sergeant falls for a stunning Russian aristocrat. They have to put their trust in one other and risk everything to get away from the revolution.

From the Carpathian front lines to the occupation of Istanbul, it takes you through a wide range of significant historical events. An emotional roller coaster of friendship, betrayal, and hope. This narrative has just the right amount of romance and historical depth to keep you turning pages. Despite having vastly different histories and facing an unknown future together, a beautiful tapestry is woven to help love endure.

Like this? You might also enjoy Alya, a Turkish film that deals with similar topics but sets them against the backdrop of the Korean War and is a critical and commercial success.

7. 50m2

Turkish Series To Watch

The 50m2 was a pleasant surprise. At first glance, it appears to be just another tale of a “too cool for school” Hitman carrying out assignments for a wealthy mob boss. The plot borrows from the Jason Bourne trope in which the protagonist is oblivious to his own true identity and origins.

The protagonist, whose name is withheld for the time being, learns that his investigation into his background has thrown his life into chaos and forced him to go on the run as the novel progresses.

The show also features some hilarious traditional Turkish humour. 50m2 is a pleasant and engaging show that will keep you riveted while also providing a genuine depiction of life in Istanbul today.

8. Gonul

Turkish Series To Watch

The protagonist of Gonul overcame adversity in her childhood to become a respected nurse and fell in love with a prominent surgeon. They quickly become inseparable after sharing the same experience of tragedy.

But a mysterious ex-girlfriend with knowledge gets in the way right before the big moment. Gonul realises she needs to get away after witnessing the murder of a person from her fiance’s past.

When another potential romantic interest appears, things heat up quickly. It’s a captivating plot with likeable protagonists.

9. Fatmagul Sucu Ne

Turkish Series To Watch

The novel’s inspiration for this Turkish romantic series makes it essential viewing for fans of the book. When you watch it, you’ll see how quickly love can turn into hate and how quickly hate can turn into love.

Fatmagul, a girl from a tiny village, had her life completely turned upside down due to a single event. Three inebriated men rape her one evening. Letón, a mutual acquaintance of the group, was present that night as well but did not participate in the violence. Despite the fact that he did not act at the time, he still feels responsible.

Fatmagul’s marriage to Kerim is prompted by parental pressure from the wealthy triplets. In the meantime, her longtime crush has broken off their engagement and plans to exact revenge on her and her new fiance. When Kerim starts feeling something for Fatmagul and defends her from her rapists, things grow even more complicated.

10. Magnificent Century: Kösem

For fans of palace intrigue, political drama, and harem tales, here is one of the best historical Turkish drama series. The plot centres on Anastasia. A young Greek woman who is kidnapped and forced into slavery in the harem of Sultan Ahmed I. When she becomes a leader, she decides to be known as “Kosem.”

The name is appropriate, as she had a major impact on Ottoman politics for fifty years. With the help of her husband, Sultan Ahmed I, their two sons, and her grandson, she controlled the Empire for several generations. For at least half of her sons’ and grandson’s reigns, she served as their regent. There are actually three female actors playing Kosem.

You should definitely check out this series if you enjoy fictional accounts of real-life historical characters. The true narrative of Kosem Sultan is at the centre of Kösem, which is set in the Magnificent Century. Particularly if you’re interested in watching a Turkish drama on Sultan Suleiman and his reign and have seen and enjoyed The Magnificent Century, you should check this one out. Excellent for any viewer interested in viewing accounts of strong female protagonists.

Concluding Remarks

Turkey’s dramatic works have gained international acclaim. The first Turkish-made film was released in 1914. Since then, Turkish cinema has grown, spreading beyond Europe and, more recently, the Arab world.

The film industry in Turkey is 106 years old this year. The films of Turkey are one of a kind because they tell the stories of a country with a rich cultural heritage that incorporates a wide variety of traditions.

To sum up, these are the top Turkish Series To Watch that viewers have been recommending to their friends.

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