Apple AirPods To Get New Features With iOS 15

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AirPods- The wireless Bluetooth-supported earbuds were first launched by Apple on September 7, 2016. Since then, they have received tremendous appreciation from Apple users for their awesome quality and the connectivity they provide. Not only this, Apple keeps adding more features to enhance their performance.

AirPods are ready to be even better than before as Apple has not overlooked them in its upcoming update. Apple will officially release the iOS 15, iPod 15, and macOS Monterey by this fall. Similar to other Apps, AirPods will have new additions to its long list of features. These features will surely make them more usable than before.

Apple AirPods To Get New Features With iOS 15
Image Source: Apple

Let’s take a look at what new additions we’ll get to see in Apple’s earbuds with the release of iOS 15.

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Announce Notifications and reminders

Prior to iOS 15, Siri used to announce incoming calls on AirPods. Now onwards, Siri will be able to announce incoming notifications as well. If you have enabled this feature, your smart assistant Siri will be able to read aloud the notifications in your ear automatically. You can also choose whether you want to receive only the notifications which are time-sensitive or all notifications – time-sensitive and regular as well. This feature will make it easy for you to catch up on all your notifications when you are caught in a busy life.

Apart from reading the notifications, you can also set reminders based on location. This feature will remind you of notifications or read lists when you reach the place. For instance, you can set a reminder to read out the grocery list when you reach the grocery store.

Apple AirPods To Get New Features With iOS 15
Image Source: The Manomet Current

Conversation Boost

This is a very useful feature introduced by Apple for elderly people or those with a hearing disorder. This feature will help people suffering from mild hearing disorders to communicate better with people around them.

The microphone beams of the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max focus and capture the voice of the person speaking or chatting in front of you. AirPods will pick up the voice of the person and remove the background noise to allow the person to hear well. To make this possible, Apple has utilized computational technology.

You can also customize the surrounding noise using a left-right sound balance slider if the words are not clear. Apart from helping people with hearing problems, it can also help you listen in a busy environment.

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Spatial Audio

With iOS 15 update, tvOS and macOS will get an incredible feature called Spatial Audio that will transform your entertainment experience. If you play any video or audio from tvOS or MacOS through your AirPods, spatial Audio will transform the voice coming from your AirPods to a wholesome Theatre like experience. You will experience as if the sound is surrounding you in the atmosphere. Similarly, wearing AirPods during FaceTime will enhance the voice of the person speaking in a group meeting.

Apple AirPods To Get New Features With iOS 15
Image Source: 9to5Mac

This feature will be absent on Second Generation AirPods and supported only on AirPods Pro and AirPods Max that are connected to macOS or tvOS. Similarly Spatial Audio is coming only on Apple Silicon-based Mac Models and not on Intel-based Macbooks.

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Find My for AirPods

From iOS 15 onwards, the Find My feature will also be supported for AirPods as well. Now it will be easy to search for your AirPods if you have misplaced them.

Suppose you accidentally left your AirPods somewhere and its location is enabled, a push notification on your iPhone will automatically remind you that you have left your AirPod. The Notification will also tell you the current location of the AirPods so that you can search for them.

AirPods will continuously emit a sound when you will use the Find My feature to search for them. This will make it easy for you to reach out to them. You will also have an option to specify a proximity range on Find My. Now you will receive an alert if you keep getting close to the AirPods and an alarm will be triggered when you move away from them.

Apple AirPods To Get New Features With iOS 15
Image Source: Pm-Pulse


So these are the new features you will be getting with the new iOS update. These additions to the AirPods are surely going to its worth the investment. Apple has done a commendable job of introducing the Conversion mode to aid people with hearing disorders. We hope this feature will get more enhancements in future updates.
Further, the all-new Find My feature will surely remove all your worries of accidentally losing this valuable possession.

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