Best FPS Games To Play On PS5

GamesBest FPS Games To Play On PS5

Are you wondering which PS5 FPS games are the best? Check out the list we have curated below and find out for yourself!

First-person shooter games, or FPS for short, have been around for a while and are still, if not more, in demand today than they ever were. FPS games, made famous by classics like DOOM, Quake, and Wolfenstein, have advanced significantly over the years, but they all share the same simple feature: shooting things is a lot of fun.

Many FPS games mix the genre with others; for instance, Destiny 2 and Borderlands 3 mix action with RPG components. There is a wide range of shooters, even though most are, by definition, geared toward an older audience.

There are many options for those who like to use powerful weapons and shoot bad guys with lead on the PS5. The games on the list below are the best first-person shooters for the PlayStation 5, but the order is entirely up to you.

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Best FPS games for PS5 

#1. Terminator: Resistance Enhanced

FPS games PS5

The first two Terminator movies are masterworks that serve as a pillar for the rest of the series. Only when Resistance had been a video game adaptation that did The Terminator justice. Terminator: Resistance Enhanced is the game for you if you want a tribute to The Terminator and an above-average first-person shooter.

In Terminator: Resistance, players take control of Jacob Rivers as he teams up with other people to try to survive Skynet’s mechanical onslaught in the distant future of 2028, where the planet has been destroyed, and the robots have taken control.

#2. DOOM Eternal

FPS games PS5

The best first-person shooter ever created is DOOM Eternal. Even if it’s just for the soundtrack, which will make you want to suplex the devil himself, DOOM Eternal is worthwhile if you’re willing to take on the challenge.

As the Doomguy continues his one-person crusade against the forces of hell and anything else in his way, DOOM Eternal puts players in the power armor of the Doomguy. The gameplay builds on DOOM (2016)’s fast-paced violence and constant adrenaline rushes, but there is a lot of depth in the game’s ability to encourage players to use all of Doomguy’s weapons. The best first-person shooter for the PS5 is, without a doubt, DOOM Eternal.

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#3. Rainbow Six Siege

FPS games PS5

Is Rainbow Six Siege the most approachable and casual multiplayer shooter ever created? Rainbow Six Siege is ideal if you’re searching for a multiplayer game with high skill requirements and rewards. Rainbow Six Siege has distinct characters, just like Apex Legends. Attackers and defenders are divided among the players, who alternately take turns defending heavily fortified positions.

Although Siege’s gameplay requires strategic thinking and patience, the satisfaction of nailing some sweet headshots and pulling victory from the jaws of defeat is unrivaled. Just be prepared to lose badly at first.

#4. Deathloop

FPS games PS5

Many games have utilized the time loop mechanic in recent years, but none are like Deathloop. Colt, the protagonist of Deathloop, is imprisoned in a time loop on an island populated by violent partygoers who want to take Colt’s life. Colt must eliminate the eight individuals responsible for keeping the time loop in place to end it.

#5. Destiny 2

FPS games PS5

It’s no secret that Bungie has had great success with its Destiny series. Despite being years old at this point, Destiny 2 is getting better and better. You will travel the galaxy as a Guardian for one of humanity’s last strongholds, completing missions and eliminating extraterrestrials from all over the universe who want to wipe you out.

One of the best PS5 FPS games you can play, with many campaign missions and more brutal strikes, but the rewards it offers are.

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#6. Resident Evil Village

FPS games PS5

It would be difficult to classify Resident Evil 7 as an FPS game even though it switched the series to first person. Resident Evil Village thankfully skips most of the horror and instead concentrates on destruction, which is good news for anyone looking for over-the-top shooters. The foes are more numerous, the weapons are larger, and the fun never stops.

#7. Cyberpunk 2077

FPS games PS5

It is fairly amazing to witness Cyberpunk 2077 transform from a title that was pulled from the PlayStation Store due to the terrible state in which it was released into one of the most excellent first-person experiences on the PS5.

It may have slightly more RPG features than some of the other games on this list, but it is still a first-person shooter at its core. As players can customize their characters to specialize in a range of different skills, everyone’s trip through the city and its numerous criminal and Corpo groups will be unique.

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#8. Lemnis Gate

FPS games PS5

Players spawn into a map and finish a certain task in the majority of multiplayer shooters, which are rather straightforward in their execution. Similar rules apply in Lemnis Gate, but you’re asked to think about playing in four dimensions. The shooter-meets-turn-based-strategy game lets players drop into an arena to accomplish goals one at a time. The second player can utilize their character to further their own goals or obstruct the first player after the first player has finished their turn. This is done five turns in a row, resulting in a jumble of explosions and temporal shenanigans.

Wrapping Up

So there are the best FPS games to play on PS5 which we have handpicked from thousands of available options. Do you have any other recommendations for us? Mention it in the comments below.

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