How To Fix Battery Issues On iOS 14.6?

TechHow ToHow To Fix Battery Issues On iOS 14.6?

Apple iPhones have had a bad reputation with their battery life for a very long time. This is one reason iPhone users lose their point while debating with android users. Once again, iOS 14.6 is in the news for the very same reason. It supports Apple Card Family, Apple Podcast Subscription, Apple Music Support, and AirTag trackers. iOS 14.6 is available in iPhone 6 and above models.

However, right after this upgrade, iPhone users flooded Twitter with complaints about the low battery capacity. A user even uploaded a screenshot of how his battery capacity went from 98% to 92% after the upgrade. More recently, the new iPhone 12 is also been a victim of the same problem. Users of this new model have been complaining of battery drainage even when the phone is not in use.

Despite several complaints and Twitter battles around the battery issue with the new upgrade, Apple has kept mum. So we don’t know if the company will ever answer these loyal users or if they are already working on fixing these issues with the iOS 15. In the meanwhile, we can give you some ideas to help you on managing this problem.

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1. Find Out The Apps That Cause Battery Drainage And Re-install

In iPhone 12, most users facing low battery capacity issues found out that the Apple podcasts are the culprit. It could be a different app for you, so here is how you can find out your culprit app.

Step 1: Go to Settings on your device and scroll down to Battery.

Step 2: Further, within Battery, scroll down to Battery Usage App. Here you can identify the App that is consuming maximum battery power.

Now that you have identified the App, for example, it is Apple Podcast (given so many iPhone 12 users are facing battery issues with it), re-install it. To do that, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Long Press the Podcast App icon.

How To Fix Battery Issues On iOS 14.6?

Step 2: Once the options come up, click on Remove App, then Delete App.

How To Fix Battery Issues On iOS 14.6?

Step 3: Tap on Delete one more time to confirm.

How To Fix Battery Issues On iOS 14.6?
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Reboot your device and wait for a day to check if your battery is working fine or not. If not, the Podcast app is not the issue, so you can re-install it from the Apple Store.

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2. Switch Off Apple AirPlay

Sometimes, we keep certain apps like Bluetooth and the like all day after use. And in the process, they end up consuming a lot of battery power. This is also the case with the new AirPlay. Many users keep it on even after they are no longer listening to music. So, try disabling the App by following these steps.

Step 1: Go to Control Center and swipe down.

Step 2: Select Screen Mirroring, and from the drop-down section, tap Stop Screen Mirroring. For some of you, instead of screen sharing, it will be Music Widget. So, you have to click on Stop AirPlay.

Once you keep your AirPlay tag off, your battery performance will most likely get better. If not, you can proceed further.

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3. Last But Not The Least, Refresh

Refreshing your apps will eliminate any hidden bugs and errors and, at this point, your last option. So try it out.

  1. Go to Settings, locate General and tap on Background App Refresh.
  2. You can also stop this setting for those apps you don’t want to Refresh.
  3. Moreover, you can also switch on the Low Power Mode to ensure battery drainage is less when the phone is not in use.

Note: If none of these ways work out, you have to wait for the new iOS 15 updates.

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Apple releases one new update every year to its device, so we assure you that the battery problem will not be there for long. Moreover, if your device is a lower-end model like iPhone SE, the effect on them will be more, so upgrade your device soon if you want to experience the changing technology. Furthermore, it could be possible that your model is the only one facing a lot of battery problems. A professional could tell you if it’s a manufacturing defect so that you can get your device replaced by the store.

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