iPhone 15: Shocking Features Finally Revealed

NewsiPhone 15: Shocking Features Finally Revealed

Since the release of the iPhone 14 lineup a few months ago, anticipation for the iPhone 15 has grown significantly. Because even though the iPhone 14 models are all excellent smartphones, they didn’t represent a significant advancement over the iPhone 13 they replaced. So what do we currently know? Despite Apple’s current silence, there have been numerous leaks and rumors concerning the iPhone 15.

It’s important to keep in mind that it’s still early in the development cycle and Apple’s plans may alter. This blog includes everything we’ve learned about the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro. Keep this blog saved since we’ve compiled all this information in it. So let’s get started!

iPhone 15: Shocking Features Finally Revealed

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Design of Apple’s iPhone 15

The iPhone 15 models, according to rumors, will resemble the iPhone 14 models, but the pill-and-hole cutout will be present on every model. In place of a notch, all iPhone 15 models will feature the Dynamic Island design first seen on the iPhone 14 Pro devices.

Chassis made of titanium and curved edges

According to leaker ShrimpApplePro, the iPhone 15 Pro models may have curved, smaller bezels than the iPhone 14 Pro models, giving them an Apple Watch-like appearance. With the thinner, curved edges, the displays would continue to be flat, much like the Series 7 and Series 8 Apple Watch models.

The iPhone 15 models might also have curved front glass, although smaller bezels are not anticipated for them.

The iPhone 15 Pro variants are anticipated to have a titanium frame rather than stainless steel, which numerous sources have rumored this time. The Apple Watch Ultra is made of titanium, stronger and lighter than stainless steel. But the cost is equally higher.

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Solid-State Power and Volume Buttons

The iPhone 15 Pro’s solid-state volume and power buttons are anticipated to look like the iPhone 7’s Home button and the MacBook Force Touch touchpad.

The solid-state button would employ haptic feedback to simulate the experience of a button press as opposed to the mechanical button that iPhones currently use.

iPhone 15

Touch ID not present

The iPhone 15 models are not anticipated to contain Touch ID. They will instead continue to use Face ID, despite persistent speculations that Apple has contemplated bringing Touch ID back to its top iPhones utilizing an under-display method.

Although Apple is developing an under-display Face ID function, it won’t be available until 2025. The Dynamic Island, which Apple may decide to extend to all models rather than just the Pro models, will instead be used by the iPhone 15 in 2023.

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Camera Sensors

For these models, Apple is anticipated to use Sony’s most recent “state of the art” image sensors. Sony’s image sensor doubles the saturation signal in each pixel compared to ordinary sensors, enabling it to capture more light and reduce underexposure and overexposure. Even when intense illumination is a problem, the sensor will allow improvements in portraits and other photographs.

To accommodate additional photodiodes, Sony uses semiconductor architecture that separates photodiodes and transistors into different layers. It is unclear if all iPhone 15 models will use the new sensor technology or if Apple will only reserve it for the more expensive “Pro” models.

Qualcomm Modem Chips

For the 2023 iPhone 15 series, Apple will continue to use Qualcomm’s 5G modem processors, as it has since the launch of 5G iPhones. Apple was rumored to be using its own internal modem chips as early as 2023, but the technology is not yet ready for that.

The modem chips that Apple is developing are still experiencing heat-related problems, so they won’t be ready for use in iPhones until at least 2024.

The Qualcomm X70 chip, which has superior AI for quicker processing speeds, higher coverage range, improved signal, lower latency, and up to 60% increased battery economy, is anticipated to be included in the iPhone 15.

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According to Taiwanese research company TrendForce, the iPhone 15 Pro versions may include an additional 8GB RAM. 6GB RAM is available in current iPhone 14 Pro variants.

There won’t be any significant changes until the iPhone 16, and Apple is reportedly planning to switch to LPDDR5X memory in 2024. According to rumors, the iPhone 15 Pro models will employ the same LPDDR5 memory that is available in the pro version of its predecessor.


Unconfirmed Weibo rumors have stated that the iPhone 15 Pro models may cost more, widening the price difference between the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max and the iPhone 15 Plus. Since the starting prices of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are currently $999 and $1099, respectively, a higher price would indicate that, if the rumor is true, the iPhone 15 Pro’s starting price may be above $1000.

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