Now Swipe Through The VR Interface With Your Fingers On Meta Quest

NewsNow Swipe Through The VR Interface With Your Fingers On Meta Quest

As part of the v50 OS upgrade, which went live on February 21, 2022. Meta unveiled new enhancements to the Quest platform. One of these was an experimental feature called “Direct Touch.” This entitles users to tap and swipe with their hands. The business also updated the Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers and added an in-game multitasking capability to Meta Quest 2. Despite how fast February always seems to end. Regardless, Apple managed to schedule its upcoming Meta Quest software upgrade. This month, they are presenting V50 with cutting-edge and sharper enhancement than ever before.

You can now “tap” and “swipe” your way through the Meta Quest interface in your Home environment. Just as you would on a phone or tablet thanks to a new, experimental feature called Direct Touch. It is included in the v50 version. Furthermore, in-game multitasking, or the capacity to use 2D applications without quitting the game you’re presently playing, is incorporated into Meta Quest 2. Also, Apple made some adjustments to the Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers for Meta Quest Pro. This will hasten their pairing and waking-up times.

v50 will eventually be released to Meta Quest 2 + Pro over the coming weeks as announced by Apple. Let’s find out what each feature is capable of.

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Now Swipe Through the VR Interface with Your Fingers on Meta Quest, Direct Touch, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 2 Pro

A new experimental feature “Direct Touch”

Earlier, we used to “pinch” our way through the Meta Quest UI utilizing hand tracking without ever using controllers. Though with the current Direct Touch function, you can swiftly jot down messages on the virtual keyboard, change your settings, and pick a game from your library. And more by tapping buttons with your index finger.

Recent videos from the few who have access to Quest’s public test channel (PTC) demonstrate how effectively the new direct touch functionality works. It allows you to use your index fingers to type on the virtual keyboard. It also seems to be no trouble at all to tap tiny controls. For instance, the X that shuts tabs in the Quest browser.

Meta’s hand-tracking technology vastly improved with Direct Touch, which delivers a more flexible and engaging method to interact with the device and 2D panels.

In Mark Zuckerberg’s Instagram reels, people have noticed that the new feature is the same as the way we use our touchscreen devices which is quite appealing to many people.

In addition to that, Meta built the hand-tracking demo “First Hand.” You can experience the fun of actively interacting with the virtual world utilizing your hands. Also, while resolving puzzles, assemble robotic gloves with switches, levers, and virtual user interfaces to eventually unlock its superpowers.

Together, these new advancements make hand tracking a far more flexible VR interaction system, and it will be exciting to see how developers will use it in the future.

In the Instagram post, Zuckerberg stated that these new hand movements are “far more natural.” Direct Touch delivers a “more instinctive and compelling method to engage with the system and 2D screens in specific,” the company stated in today’s announcement.

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in-game multitasking

The in-game multitasking function, which was previously exclusive to Meta Quest Pro, is now available to Meta Quest 2 players as well. Users can launch 2D apps from their library. Just like Instagram, the Meta Quest Browser, and more, by choosing the Meta Quest button while playing a game.

Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers, Quicker than Before

The time it takes for self-tracking to begin on the Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers has also improved with the v50 update. So, it will take the controllers less time to recognize the user when they put on their headset. Besides, as users transition from hand tracking to controllers, it will also respond more quickly.

Lastly, since Meta Quest Pro has revealed, designers and developers began creating immersive experiences with it. Besides, Meta Quest Pro enables a variety of productivity and collaboration applications that deliver you a spacious virtual workspace for multitasking and the capability to overlay your work on top of the real world.

Engineers, developers, technicians, artists, and anyone else who wants to improve their workflow and boost their creativity should utilize it. As it’s enabling Meta in advancing the future of work with a variety of new partnerships and experiences that will improve Quest Pro for both individuals and companies.

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