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Safari keeps opening in different tabs after every 10 seconds

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Issue: Totally weird, Whenever I boot up my Mac computer safari keeps opening silent Skype login page, in different tabs and its a blank page.I do not have Skype on my Mac OS X Yosemite.It annoys me so much that I can not do anything on my Mac as whenever I try to do something a new safari tab pop ups with never stops the drama. keeps opening tab in safari keeps opening tab in safari

Its also opens same page in defferent tabs in chrome as shown in the above picture.

Solution to Safari keeps opening in different tabs after every 10 seconds

Initially I reset the safari and did all the troubleshooting to remove Skype and reset safari configuration.I force quit the Safari and deleted the following file.
~/Library/Saved Application State/

It still keeps opening pop up.Then I tried to force Safari to start clean every time by typing the following command in terminal.

defaults write ApplePersistenceIgnoreState YES

Still no help safari still keeps opening checked if there is a program scheduled to run after every 10 seconds to open the listing of scheduled task by typing following command on terminal.

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crontab -l

There were no scheduled task.So checked scheduled task for root user by typing “sudo crontab -l”.It did not have any either.

Finally I got to the real Solution and found out MailTab Pro for (App that I use in my menu bar for outlook mail) is having some kind of issue. It has an skype login icon on the top right hand corner which tries to connect and login to skype after every 10 seconds and if it can not connect,opens the webpage and keeps doing it. keeps opening tab in safari keeps opening tab in safari

Steps to stop pop up

You need to unlink your outlook from skype or uninstall the MailTab Pro for apps and configure your email in Apple Mac Mail instead.

IMPORTANT: You can only unlink your accounts once – please ensure you want to do this before proceeding.

To unlink your Skype account from your Microsoft or Facebook accounts:

  1. Sign into your account.
  2. In the Settings and preferences section, click Account settings.
  3. On the Account settings page, click Unlink next to your Microsoft or Facebook account.
If the account has Not linked as an option rather than Unlink, it means your Facebook or Microsoft account isn’t currently linked to your Skype account. If you were expecting to see a linked account, ensure you’ve signed in with the correct Skype Name. keeps opening tab in safari
Unlink Skype
4. An information window opens. Read the information and, if you agree, select Continue to unlink your Skype and Microsoft or Facebook accounts.
If you sign in with a Microsoft account, unlinking will mean you can no longer sign into Skype with that Microsoft account (your Microsoft account will not be closed; only your access to Skype with that Microsoft account will be affected). Read the message that appears and, if you agree, select Close account.
Or you could simply remove this MailTab Pro for apps from application and send it to trash to fix this tabs opening problem.I uninstalled it and safari stopped opening pop up.

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