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iOS 15 Notifications silenced

How To Downgrade From iOS 16 To iOS 15 Without Losing Data

iOS 16 has a lot of cool features that iPhone users have been asking for for a long time. It was announced at WWDC...

iOS 15.4.1 Mail Not Loading On iPhone: Fixed

Learn the cause and solution for iOS Email notifications not working on your iPhone or iPad in this blog post. Provided here all viable...
iPhone Lagging after updating to iOS 15

5 Ways To Fix iPhone Lagging After Updating To iOS 15

Try these hacks to fix the iPhone Lagging after updating to the iOS 15 issue. iOS 15 is the latest iPhone version of the operating...

How To Use WidgetSmith In iOS 15

Curious about the WidgetSmith app you came across on Apple’s App Store? Keep reading to know how to use WidgetSmith in iOS 15. Do you...

[Solved] Notifications Not Working On iPhone In iOS 15

Receiving notifications of calls, texts, emails and more is essential so that you can reply to them on time and not miss out on...

How To Enable The ‘Mail Privacy Protection’ Feature On iPhone And Mac

Apple is always known to always work for protecting the privacy of its users. The ‘Mail Privacy Feature’ of its latest iOS 15 and...

Phone App Not Working After Updating To iOS 15? Here’s How To Fix It

Apple’s latest major iOS update is creating havoc by interfering with the proper functioning of the iPhone’s apps and functionalities. We have already discussed...

Unable To Delete Apps From iPhone After Upgrading To iOS 15? Try These Fixes

The process of uninstalling apps from your iPhone is a very easy one and ideally, you should not encounter any issues when trying to...

How To Fix Spotlight Search Not Working After Upgrading To iOS 15

Spotlight Search is one of the oldest iPhone features that come in handy to search across your iPhone and you can also use it...

How To Fix Siri Not Working After Updating To iOS 15?

Apple’s virtual assistant Siri is an obsessing feature and you can’t help but order Siri to do various tasks throughout the day. Siri can...