Videogame Heardle: A Wordle Clone For Videogame Freaks!

GamesVideogame Heardle: A Wordle Clone For Videogame Freaks!

Hello everyone! The Wordle trend has taken a musical turn so beautifully. Now, we have a series of heardles on a number of themes. [Heardle is a musical version of the famous Word game Wordle]. Some of them are Bts Heardle, One Direction Heardle, Vocaloid Heardle, etc. With this, we have another such Wordle Spin-off known as Videogame Heardle: A Wordle Clone for Videogame freaks.

So, in this article, we have discussed all about Videogame Heardle. This game tests the player’s knowledge of the Videogame soundtracks. So, without any further digression, let’s get started.

Table of contents 

  • What is Videogame Heardle?
  • How and Where to play it?
  • Rules to play it!
  • Wordle vs Videogame Heardle

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All about Videogame Heardle: A Wordle Clone for Videogame Freaks

After the tremendous success of Josh Wardle’s word game, many of its spoofs have appeared on the screen. One of them is Videogame Heardle. It is the latest take on the viral word game Wordle.

What is Videogame Heardle?

Videogame Heardle is a musical take on the internet’s sensation Wordle. It requires the players to guess the videogame by its intro sound. To guess the soundtrack, the player is given 6 chances. It tests the player’s knowledge about video games.


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But wait! What is Heardle?

Heardle is the first musical clone of Wordle. It requires the players to guess songs by their intro.

How and Where to play Videogame heardle?

It is quite easy to play. Being a web-based game, it does not need any app download. All you need to do is to click on a link and you are good to go. Additionally, the rules to play are also quite simple.


  1. Go to the official game site by clicking here.
  2. Listen to the intro by tapping the play button.
  3. Enter the game’s name in the search box.
  4. Else, enter the first few words and then choose the videogame from the list.
  5. Now, click on the Submit button.
  6. Skip: You can also skip the guess if unsure. It will reveal more of the intro making it easier for you to guess.
  7. You get only 6 chances to guess the Videogame by its soundtrack.

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Rules to play it!

The rules to play videogame heardle is identical to the original heardle. To ace this game, go through its rules once:

  1. You will get only 6 chances to guess the game.
  2. Each skipped or incorrect guess reveals more of the intro.
  3. Overall, you can listen to the 16 seconds of the soundtrack starting from 1 second.
  4. The incorrect guesses are indicated by a red-colored cross sign next to them.
  5. A new Videogame Heardle is updated every day.

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How to share its results?

What made Wordle popular was its Share feature. So, all of its clones also include this option. It allows the players to share their results on various social media accounts making the game fun.

Videogame Heardle: A Wordle Clone

At the end of the Videogame heardle, you will get the option to Share it. You just need to click on that option. Then, the results will be copied to your clipboard. It will be an emoji representation as shown below:

Videogame Heardle #14


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Wordle vs Videogame Heardle

Wordle is the original trendsetter. So, almost all of its spin-offs are similar to it in terms of mechanism. But, there are a few points of difference between Wordle and Videogame heardle. These are given below:

  1. Wordle is vocab-oriented. It requires the players to guess a secret five-letter word in 6 guesses.
  2. Whereas the latter is videogame-oriented. It is tailor-made for Videogame freaks.
  3. There is no Skip button in the former.
  4. However, the latter has a Skip button that makes guessing easier.

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So, that’s it! This is all about Videogame Heardle. This is a recent take on the viral Word game. Additionally, it lets the player test their videogame knowledge. Playing such games is beneficial for the brain. These are the perfect coffee time companions. So, try this amazing heardle clone right away!

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