One Direction Heardle: Wordle Clone for the ” Directioners”

GamesOne Direction Heardle: Wordle Clone for the " Directioners"

Wordle has set the trends for word games and brainteasers. Off and on, we see various Wordle clones trending on Twitter. And, the latest take on the viral word game is One Direction Heardle. This is dedicated to all the One Direction fans. And honestly, the Directioners can never get enough of this amazing Heardle spinoff. So, in this article, we will be discussing One Direction Heardle: Wordle clone for the ” Directioners”.

Quordle, Dordle, Taylordle, BTS Heardle, BTS Wordle and now we have the One Direction Heardle. After the Harry Styles Heardle,  the 1D version of the game was fervently demanded by the fans. So, all about One Direction Heardle which is the Wordle Clone for the ” Directioners” is discussed in this piece.

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Table of contents

  • What is One Direction Heardle?
  • How to play it?
  • Rules to play it!
  • Wordle vs One Direction Heardle

All about the One Direction Heardle:


What is it?

One Direction Heardle is an amazing Wordle clone dedicated to all the “ Directioners“. Just like Wordle, it is a guessing game. The one difference is that it is a musical version. It requires you to guess the song by listening to its intro. To be more specific, you have the guess the One Direction songs in 6 or fewer attempts.

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Wait, But What is Wordle?

Wordle is a viral word game that has been trending on the internet for the last few months. In this brainteaser, you have to guess the secret five-letter work in 6 attempts. Every day, a new Wordle is available. It was developed by Software engineer Josh Wardle.

How to play One Direction Heardle?

Just like Wordle and Heardle, One Direction Heardle is quite easy to play. So, below is how and where you can play this viral brainteaser:

  1. Visit the One Direction Heardle page.
  2. Listen to the intro.
  3. Search the artist or song in the search box.
  4. Select it from the list.
  5. Click on Submit.
  6. The songs are from One Direction’s discography.
  7. Skip button: When your mind is blank, just press the Skip button.

One-Direction-Heardle-Wordle-Clone-for- Directioners

The songs are sourced from SoundCloud.Since it is a web-based game, you needn’t download any app on your device. Click on a link and you are good to go.

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Rules to play One Direction Heardle

The rules to play the 1D variant of the Wordle as similar to the original Heardle. So, below is more about it:

  1. You get only six chances to guess the song.
  2. The game resets at midnight. In short, a new 1D song is available for guessing every day.
  3. Each skipped or incorrect guess reveals more of the intro.
  4. On the first guess, only 1 second of the song is revealed.
  5. Obviously, the songs are chosen from 1D’s discography.
  6. Incorrect guesses are indicated by a cross sign next to them.
  7. Try to guess in as few tries as possible.

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Share 1D Heardle results:

You can easily share the results after winning or losing it. As you click on the Share button, the results will be copied to your clipboard. It will be an emoji representation. So, go ahead, play and share the results right away. It is more fun than you think.

One-Direction-Heardle-Wordle-Clone-for- Directioners

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Wordle vs 1D Heardle

Technically, 1D Heardle is a variant of Heardle. But, Wordle is the original trendsetter. So, below are some points of differences between the two:

  1. Wordle is vocabulary-oriented.
  2. 1D Heardle is music-oriented.
  3. There are letter tiles in Wordle to enter the word characters.
  4. Whereas there is a search box in the latter.
  5. There is no skip button in the former.
  6. However, you can press the skip button in 1D Heardle. It will reveal more of the song snippet.

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  • The One Direction Heardle started trending on Twitter on the 13th of April. Netizens especially the Directioners had demanded this Heardle variant after the tremendous success of Harry Styles Heardle. Fortunately, the developer of Harry Styles Heardle was quick to respond to the fans’ requests. He programmed and launched the most-awaited version in no time.
  • As the game started trending, the website crashed. It was apparently due to higher traffic. But now, it has started working like a charm. So, you must try this game right away if you are a true 1D fan.

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So, this is all about One Direction Heardle: Wordle Clone for the ” Directioners”. It is a recent take on the viral word game Wordle. After the release of Heardle, many of its variants have taken over the internet. The 1D Heardle is a great gift to all the Directioners. These clones are mainly dedicated to a particular celebrity. Playing such brainteasers is beneficial for the brain. They act as a perfect coffee time companion.

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