Meet LOONA Heardle: K-Pop(Orbit) Version Of Heardle!

GamesMeet LOONA Heardle: K-Pop(Orbit) Version Of Heardle!

Are you a K-Pop fan?  Well, let me guess. If you are here, reading this article, then you are definitely a K-pop fan. As of now, everyone’s quite aware of Wordle‘s tremendous success. After all, this game is the internet’s new sensation. Additionally, Its success inspired many developers to develop various Wordle clones. So, one of the latest Wordle clones is none other than LOONA Heardle. In this article, we will be discussing everything about the LOONA Heardle: K-Pop(Orbit) Version of Heardle.

[ Orbit is the official name for LOONA fan club].

K-pop music is really amazing. It gets stuck in your mind even though you listen to it for the very first time. When it comes to K-pop, everyone is aware of LOONA. Undoubtedly, this girl group has a huge fandom. So, this article is for all those people who wanted a K-pop version of Wordle focussed on LOONA.

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Table of contents

  • What is LOONA Heardle?
  • How to play it?
  • Rules to play LOONA Heardle!
  • How to share LOONA Heardle results?
  • Wordle vs LOONA Heardle

All about LOONA Heardle: K-Pop(Orbit) Version of Heardle

Wait, but what is Wordle?

Wordle is a famous word game that has been crazy viral on the internet lately. In his game, players are required to guess a secret five-letter word in 6 guesses. Moreover, the game was developed by Josh Wardle, a software engineer. In addition, every day new wordle is available. The tremendous success of the word game has inspired many Wordle clones such as Dordle, Taylordle, Quordle, Nerdle, etc.

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What is LOONA Heardle?

LOONA Heardle is developed for K-pop fans specifically for the Orbit. It is a Heardle clone and K-Pop Heardle, but with LOONA tracks. LOONA Heardles are chosen at random from LOONA’s discography. [LOONA is a South Korean girl group. It was formed by Blackberry creative.]

It is strongly inspired by K-pop Heardle. If you follow LOONA, then you must definitely give this game a try. In the next snippet, we will be discussing how to play the LOONA Heardle.

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How to play it? 

LOONA Heardle as the name suggests requires the players to guess a song from LOONA’s discography. You get to listen to the intro of the song. With each skipped or incorrect guess, more part of the intro is revealed. More on how to play it is given below:


  1. Visit the LOONA Heardle website.
  2. A total of 9 seconds of the intro is revealed.
  3. You get only six chances to guess the song.
  4. Now, find the correct artist & title in the list.
  5. You can search for the artist or a title in the search box.
  6. Next, hit the Submit button.

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Rules to play LOONA Heardle

The rules to play LOONA Heardle are quite simple:

  1. You get only 6 chances to guess the song.
  2. The incorrect guess is inducted by a cross sign next to it.
  3. Correct guess is indicated by a Tick mark next to it.
  4. Additionally, each skipped or incorrect guess reveals more of the intro.
  5. Try to guess in as few tries as possible.
  6. Each guess should be a LOONA track.


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How to share LOONA Heardle results?

Just like any other Wordle clone, LOONA Heardle allows you to share the results on your social media account.

After completing the game(either winning or losing) you can share the emoji representation of the guesses on your social media handles. To do this, just click on the Share button that appears on the screen.

Here is an example of the emoji representation of the result:

🌙 LOONA Heardle #1


Here, #1 represents the game round.

Red: Red box represents incorrect guesses.

Green: Green boxes represent the correct guesses.

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Wordle vs LOONA Heardle

Wordle and LOONA Heardle are quite the same. However, LOONA Heardle is technically a Heardle clone. As the name suggests, Heardle requires the players to guess the name of a sing by its intro track. So, some point of differences between Wordle and LOONA Heardle are given below:

  1. Wordle is a vocabulary-based game.
  2. LOONA Heardle is music-oriented.
  3. Moreover, there are letter tiles to enter various letters of the word in Wordle.
  4. To guess the title/artist of the song, there is an input box.
  5. There is no skip button in Wordle.
  6. However, LOONA Heardle has a skip option.

LOONA-Heardle-K-Pop(Orbits)-VersionLOONA Heardle: K-Pop(Orbit) Version


So, this is all about LOONA Heardle: K-Pop(Orbits) Version of Heardle. This is an amazing Heardle and Wordle clone. Additionally, If you are a K-pop fan and follow the LOONA group in specific, this game is tailor-made for you. Moreover, playing such games is super beneficial for the brain. In addition, such games prove to be amazing coffee-time companions. So, go ahead and try this LOONA version of the Wordle/Heardle now.

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