8 Best Thriller Series To Watch On Netflix-October2022

Entertainment8 Best Thriller Series To Watch On Netflix-October2022

Keep reading to discover some of the popular thriller series streaming on Netflix right now! 

Many binge-watchers search for thriller TV shows that they can watch alone or with others that match their mood. And even if you have a general idea of the kind of show you want to see, there is still a tonne of fantastic content to peruse.

With this helpful guide, we will assist you to uncover the best Netflix thriller shows that are currently accessible in the United States. With everything from classics to hidden treasures to recent releases and more, we combed through the library to compile this list of the best thriller series that are currently streaming.

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8 best thriller series to watch on Netflix

1. Black Mirror

Black Mirror may appear to be a simple tale of a man who falls in love with a girl to viewers who are just beginning to watch the show. However, it quickly transforms into something completely else, which may be extremely unsettling. In the anthology story “Black Mirror,” everything seems to be going according to plan at first, but then something terrible happens.

For instance, the third episode of the first season portrays a man who thanks to a piece of technology that enables him to access all of his memories, including the old ones, comes to believe that his wife is cheating on him and ultimately drives her out of his life. This TV show also reflects other episodes of dysfunctional relationships.

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2. Behind Her Eyes

There are typically two types of TV shows. Either they emphasize the action or the intrinsic motivations of its protagonists and antagonists, as well as their interactions with one another. Behind Her Eyes belongs to the latter group. In this British book-inspired television series, a woman begins an affair with her psychiatrist boss.

She becomes friends with his wife at the same time. The show is a solid choice for all You fans because of the eerie atmosphere and characters who are more nuanced than they first appeared to be. Even though they are playing characters who aren’t always likable, the actors’ great acting helps.

thriller series on Netflix

3. Echoes

The central characters of Echoes, a gripping mystery thriller, are twins Leni and Gina, who have been trading lives since they were little. They share two homes, husbands, and sometimes even a child because they are adults still living double lives. But when one of them disappears, everything falls apart. This twisted limited series will keep you guessing and speculating throughout every single episode.

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4. Mindhunter

It’s always fascinating to see inside the minds of those who think substantially differently from the bulk of people. The audience is likewise given this chance in Mindhunter.
In this instance, the show is centered on two FBI agents who are studying serial killers’ thoughts to understand what motivates them. Even though the show is set in the 1970s, the aura it creates is intriguing and will quickly pull viewers in.

8 best thriller series to watch on Netflix

5. The Stranger

This TV series begins when a stranger stops a man and informs him of a family-destroying secret about his wife. They lacked confidence in anyone. He begins to investigate and discovers that everything is connected to a series of crimes and tragedies.

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6. Dark

One of the coolest things you’ll find on Netflix when it comes to mind-bending sci-fi thrillers that will shock your very conception of the cosmos is Dark, the first German-language original series. Dark, which has three critically acclaimed seasons, is a favorite of those who enjoy thrillers. For those who love sophisticated narratives incorporating intricate science and tortured interpersonal connections in equal measure, the series is a must-watch.

Dark is a multigenerational mystery that spans several generations and makes use of several traditional science fiction ideas.

thriller series on Netflix

7. Who killed Sara?

Who Killed Sara?, which debuted in 2021 and immediately topped Netflix’s US charts, is one of the company’s most well-liked new programs. The main character of the Mexican mystery-thriller program is a guy who, after being falsely convicted and serving over two decades in jail, is determined to exact revenge for the death of his sister. It is a mixture of drama, murder mystery, and revenge thriller.

The cast of the show has received appreciation in addition to the plot’s excitement and entertainment. Who Killed Sara? Is poised to quickly establish itself as a classic Netflix thriller with two critically acclaimed seasons already available and a third in production.

8. Girl from Nowhere

One of the spookiest shows on this list is Girl From Nowhere, a Thai mystery-thriller anthology. The program centers on Nanno, a mysterious girl who constantly changes schools and reveals the lies and hypocrisies of everyone she meets.

The anthology’s stories are largely unrelated, although they all revolve around themes of punishment and revenge. The fact that Nanno behaves like a monster straight out of a horror manga and that the people she meets are typically worse only heightens the horror factor. Nanno is a nearly otherworldly creature.

thriller series on Netflix

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Wrapping Up

Those are some of the nail-biting thriller TV series available on Netflix. You can binge on them with your friends on a weekend or sleepover and don’t forget to share their reviews with us. 

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