8 Helpful iPhone Tips

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These are the iPhone tricks you’ll wish you knew sooner, from charging the battery faster to shooting a hands-free photo.
You’ve probably barely scratched the surface of what your iPhone is capable of. Your faithful companion has a dozen of hidden capabilities that you may not be aware of. It also has a bunch of small tips that will make using your iPhone faster, easier, and more successful. With new features being added with each iOS update, it’s critical to stay current—or you risk missing out on iPhone secrets that only Apple insiders know about.

Here are 8 helpful iPhone tips

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Add captions to photos and videos

iPhone Tips
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You can now add subtitles or keywords to each photo or video you shoot with the latest iPhone update. Simply swipe up on an image or video to add a caption, and it will be saved to your iCloud Photos instantly. Type the caption or keyword in the iPhone’s Search app to quickly find the photograph later. You can also hide private images on your iPhone or iPad by creating adding pictures to the Hidden album in the Photos app. The hidden apps folder is also password/face lock protected.

Hide Apps That You Don’t Use

iPhone Tips

While iPhone apps have a lot of features to help us live better lives, you probably don’t utilize most of them on a regular basis. On iOS 15, you may finally migrate your unneeded apps to Apple’s “App Library.” Simply pick “Move to App Library” from the app’s quick actions after tapping “Remove App” from the app’s quick actions. The best option would be to permanently delete the apps that you don’t use. Deleting these apps will help free up space on your iPhone.

Get a faster charge

iPhone Tips

Do you have a low battery and a limited amount of time? Turn on Airplane Mode to get a faster charge. This can temporarily turn off background noise on your phone (such as random notifications and GPS roaming), which drains the battery as it charges. It won’t be much extra juice, but a little goes a long way. Make sure you know these tips for extending the life of your smartphone battery in the future like the low power mode. iPhone has a low power mode which you can switch on when you’re running low on battery.

Avail More Storage Space

iPhone Tips

For the ordinary iPhone user, storage space is a valuable commodity. Hold down the “power” button until you notice the choice to slide and turn off your phone, then hold down the “home” or “volume up or down button” button to make the most of yours. This will free up RAM on your phone, allowing you to lower the amount of space your apps take up. This is just one of several iPhone tips that will make your life a lot easier.

Clicking A Hands-free Photo

iPhone Tips

To take a picture with your phone, you don’t need an empty hand or two. Simply enable voice command on your iPhone by going to Settings > Accessibility > Voice Control. Then tell Siri to open your camera and turn down the volume, and your iPhone will take a picture. You can also take a picture with an Apple Watch by opening the Camera Remote app and hitting the shutter button.

Lock Your Camera Focus

iPhone Tips

To keep your phone’s camera focus sharp, all you have to do is tap the screen once. Hold your finger on the screen until the top of the screen displays the “AF/AE Locked” box. No matter which way you twist and turn, the camera’s focus and exposure settings will not be lost. However, don’t leave this app open for too long.

Press A Single Button To Call

iPhone Tips

Following up with the last person you spoke with on the phone no longer necessitates dialing *69. Simply open your keypad and tap the green phone symbol instead of browsing through your contacts. The last number you phoned will be automatically redialed on your phone. If you’re hunting for a stolen or missing iPhone, this can help—if a buddy recently phoned your phone, they can redial your number and see if it rings.

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Launch apps faster

iPhone Tips

The days of searching the internet for an app are gone. Your phone will forecast the best match and place it at the top of the results when you search for apps using the App Library or the basic Search function. If that’s the app you’re looking for, touch “Go” on the keyboard to launch it right now.

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Apple has always been the one to come up with the most unique and latest technology. They make sure to incorporate this into every device they create. This is one of the primary reasons why Apple provides the highest customer satisfaction.


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