All About Zoom Phone: 2022

NewsAll About Zoom Phone: 2022

How to use Zoom Phone's cloud-based VoIP calling service?

Use Zoom phone’s cloud-based VOIP telephony and toll-free at an attractive price.

Zoom is well-known as a platform for video conferencing, but not as many people know about its business VoIP service, Zoom Phone. This business phone system has two very reasonable prices and a lot of useful dialing features. It is good for SMBs. But how good is the service itself?

In this guide, we’ll take a close look at this VoIP service so you can learn about its pricing, features, and what makes it stand out in a business communications market that’s already pretty crowded.

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What is zoom phone?

Zoom Phone is a VoIP calling service based in the cloud and used when you need to get in touch with someone quickly. There is no video call on this platform, which is different from how Zoom usually works. The features of a PBX, on the other hand, are all easy to use and organized to make a better experience than a traditional landline calling system.

About Zoom Phone

Also, if you want to turn your call into a Zoom Meeting, it’s easy and only takes one button press. You can invite more people at any time or just meet with one person.

With Zoom Phone, your business can communicate with customers and work internally using Zoom’s collaboration tools and features. This means that in addition to voice, you will also have access to audio conference rooms, messaging, and video conferences without having to switch platforms.

Zoom Phone Plans and Prices

There are two plans for Zoom Phone, but the main difference is how they are billed, not how they work. Zoom Phone is an add-on to Zoom Meetings, so you’ll first need to sign up for Zoom Meetings. Even if you use Zoom Meeting’s free plan, you can sign up for the paid phone service.

Both the metered and unlimited plans have all the same features. With the metered plan, you only pay for the minutes you use. This is good for different kinds of businesses.

Zoom Phone Pricing
Zoom Phone Pricing

They are also offering Toll-free numbers at an attractive price which costs $120 per year as of writing. You can use this toll-free number for your main business contact so that when customers call you they are not charged for any minutes.

Toll Free from Zoom Phone

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Here’s how this can help different kinds of businesses:

  • Small businesses and new businesses don’t have to call customers and donors all the time. Subscribers to the metered plan pay $10 per month and are charged by the minute. This is helpful when there’s a lot of calling going on because you can make the calls you need and only pay the base amount in months when you don’t call at all.
  • Enterprises and Call Centers: This is the more affordable plan for businesses with reps who always talk to customers. You just pay a flat rate per extension, and your reps can make as many calls as needed without being charged by the minute.

Both plans have the same features

  • Free dialing from one extension to another
  • Intelligent ways to handle and route calls
  • Secure high-definition audio apps for desktop and mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • IVR and auto-attendant tools help connect customers with the right agents.
  • Recordings of calls and voicemails that can be read on any device

Each plan has a single Zoom app for voice, video, voicemail, messaging, group meetings, and web conferencing. Each app connects to PSTN, cellular, or VoIP calls with high call quality. The apps also work well on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

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Who can use Zoom Phone?

Zoom phone is a good choice for small businesses that want an easy way to improve customer communication and customer service. For people who already use Zoom Video, the service can be set up in minutes, and your business can start making and receiving calls right away.

Unlike traditional Zoom, which is focused on conferencing, this service is made for businesses that want to add the features of a VoIP phone system to their existing Zoom video meetings. This type of dialing is very helpful when using a cloud-based service like Zoom.

About Zoom Phone
Source: getvoip

Features of the Zoom Phone

You’ll need mobility and flexibility in the services supplied to you, just like with any cloud phone system, so your organization may continue to communicate seamlessly. The following are some notable Zoom Phone capabilities that you may require for your business to run smoothly:

Call Routing with Intelligence

Thanks to intelligent call routing, customers are not left hanging when they need assistance. Calls will not be missed if the caller hung up because they were tired of waiting in line to speak to an agent, or if the call was dropped because it was diverted too many times.

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Recording your phone calls

You can set all of your calls to be recorded to help guarantee that the quality of your calls remains consistent. This also allows you to archive the call logs and review them as needed. Agents can also use the option to record a call on demand if they simply want to record a few calls.

Call Forwarding and Transfers

When calls need to be moved, a supervised transfer to a specified agent is an option. You can also make a blind transfer, which routes the call to a competent department, or just return the call to the queue for another agent to handle.

Call Reporting

This service also includes detailed call reporting, so you can easily keep track of inbound and outbound calls. This data will include the caller’s name, phone number, call duration, and other details. You’ll be able to keep track of the calls to see whether there’s a network problem that needs to be fixed or if the agent needs to be trained in a particular area.

Bring your own carrier

Bring your own carrier (BYOC) allows you to use your current provider to power this phone system. It implies you’ll be able to use your current PSTN lines. You won’t need to install any new hardware to use the phone system. It also ensures that the phone system can be set up fast. Allowing for uninterrupted contact between the company and its consumers.

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Final thoughts

Zoom is a strong candidate as a small-business-friendly solution for breaking free from the shackles of traditional landline communications. Moving your voice calls to the cloud. Due to geo-redundancy, Zoom’s servers are located in Australia, Canada, China, Europe, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Latin America, and the United States, so you can expect a high level of reliability when using the service. There isn’t much to safeguard you from disruptions. The supplier is one of the few without a firm uptime guarantee or service level agreement (SLA).

Zoom continues to be a terrific option for audio quality; calls are clear, and features like call recording and call routing are quite useful. During the COVID-19 pandemic, arranging easy calls amongst team members has also been critical.

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