Fixed – “Encryption Credentials Expired” on macOS Ventura [Printer Issue]

PCMacFixed - "Encryption Credentials Expired" on macOS Ventura

The error that encryption credentials have expired is a warning in macOS that notifies about Embedded Web Servers’ expired certificates that the operating system is denying. When using Secure Internet Printing Protocol, the certificates are necessary to assure connection security. You can occasionally encounter an odd error message while attempting to print from macOS that claims your printer’s encryption credentials have expired. This happens more frequently after installing the most recent macOS version.

Further, the “Encryption Credentials have Expired” issue while printing may occasionally occur if you have recently acquired a new Macbook, Mac OS laptop, or desktop and have tried to print any document after configuring a new printer. When this problem occurs, printing from your Mac will not be possible.

As mentioned by one of the users on the Apple forum her printer showed an error that says “Encryption Credentials Expired”. The user further claimed of removing the printer and then re-adding it as an AirPrint but it did not work.

Later a user suggested a method that worked in her favor and resolved the issue. if you are someone who is facing a similar issue and is not able to fix it. This article is just for you. Below is one of the successful methods that will help you solve this issue.


Solution 1. Using “AirPrint” rather than “Secure AirPrint”

Many people found this technique to be effective, although it does have a drawback. It puts you at risk for security breaches because the traffic heading to your printer won’t be encrypted (attackers can access the data you’re sending to your printer at that precise moment). We advise just using this as a short-term solution for Encryption Credentials Expired issue and If you need something printed right away.

Below are some easy steps you need to adhere to fix this issue

  1. Tap on the Apple icon in the top-left corner of your screen, and click on System Preferences. From there, go to Printers & Scanners.
  2. Then, you have to left click on your printer and then select “reset printing system
  3. click the + a the bottom to add your printer again
  4. Your printer should automatically show up on the display.
  5. Choose Use: select “AirPrint” then to the bottom select “Add

This should resolve the problem. However, if you find that you’re still running into, “will damage your computer” or “Expired”. Then, after resolving the printing issue, you should put it in the trash.

Note: If the second approach stated didn’t work for you, you can attempt the above-mentioned alternative that many Mac users have found to be effective.

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Solution 2. Uninstall printer drivers and use the native AirPrint driver

If the Encryption Credentials Expired issue prevents you from printing on a Mac, you should remove the printer from your printer list and try to create a new certificate for it. No matter the printer’s manufacturer. It could be Canon, Epson, Toshiba, HP, Dell, or another, this procedure turns out to be effective this procedure is effective for all. Without further ado, follow the given steps below to resolve this issue and begin printing again

  1. On your desktop, select Go then Go to Folder.
  2. Enter /Library/Printers/ there, then click Go.
  3. Now, right-click on the Epson Folder and select move to the bin. You probably be asked for your password.
  4. Select System Preferences by clicking the Apple icon in the top-left corner of your screen. Go to Printers & Scanners from here.
  5. Find your printer’s name and double-click on it then tap on Show Printer Web Page
  6. Then, Go to the Network tab, select Advanced Settings, and finally select Certificates
  7. Next, you require to select Configure and then Create a new Self-Signed Certificate and tap on Next
  8. Press on Finish to complete
  9. Head back to Printers & Scanners and then right-click on your printer and select Reset Printing System
  10. To add the printer you just removed, click the + icon once more.
  11. Your printer should automatically show up on the display. Choose Use: Secure AirPrint for it. Tap Add to proceed

All done! You should now be able to print once again on a Mac using your HP printer without encountering the Encryption Credentials message that has expired or that will harm your machine will appear once more.

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Final Thoughts

To sum up, you can use the AirPrint or LPD protocols to reinstall the printer if your Mac shows that the encryption credentials have expired. Reset the printer’s network settings if the issue still exists. Afterward, create a fresh self-signed certificate through your printer’s home page.

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