How To Complete The Genshin Impact Vibro Crystal Research Event?

GamesHow To Complete The Genshin Impact Vibro Crystal Research Event?

A new version of Genshin Impact is just around the corner, but update 2.6 has been a fairly wild ride. We got to search into the Chasm for the next stage of the Archon quest, and it’s definitely the best new area we’ve had in quite some time. Ayato also arrived to show off his impeccable Hydro sword skills and invite us to the Irodori Festival. There was even a chance to grab Xingqiu for free if you didn’t get him during Lantern Rite.

But now things are starting to quiet down before Genshin Impact 2.7. And the upcoming livestream that’ll presumably showcase Yelan, Kuki, and maybe even those long-requested Kazuha or Klee reruns. No matter how you look at it, the next version is going to be full of characters, so having a few extra Primogems tucked away is no bad idea.

The new Genshin Impact Vibro-Crystal Research event is a good way to get some. All you have to do is complete some battle challenges in a new Domain and play around with some crystal-based buffs.

In this article, we will be discussing how the event works, what you need to start it, and how to get those Primogem rewards. So, let’s get started.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Start the Genshin Impact Vibro-Crystal Research Event
  3. How does the event work?
  4. How to Play the event?
  5. Tips
  6. Rewards

1. About the EventGenshin Impact

The event began last April 21, 2022, and will finish on May 5, 2022. In this event, Travelers are tasked to help a researcher from Fontaine who is conducting experiments near The Chasm. Moreover, you’ll have to make use of Vibro-Crystals to defeat mobs of enemies.

1.1 Unlock requirements

  • Must be Adventure Rank 28+
  • Complete the “Rite of Parting” sub-quest
    (Chapter 1:Act 3 Archon Quest)

2. How to Start the Genshin Impact Vibro-Crystal Research Event?

As is usual with Domain events, all you really need to do to get started is head to the portal in the Chasm and talk to Patrice. You’ll be able to see the event map marker, or you can just find it by following the event menu. In order to take part, you’ll have to be at least adventure rank 28 and complete the Liyue Archon quest, Rite of Parting.

3. How does the event work?

The overall event is pretty simple: you rock up to the Domain and complete a series of challenges where you’re buffed by the power of Vibro-Crystal Harmonics. Just like other Domain challenges, you have a score, and there are three levels of rewards available depending on how well you do. You can beat enemies to get points, but also multiply the number of points you get by increasing the difficulty of the challenge, which levels up enemies making them harder to defeat.

4. How to play Vibro-Crystal Event?

4.1 Pick a stage and set the difficulty

Choose which stage and difficulty you want to play on. If you’ve played similar events before, a higher difficulty gives you more points because of the multiplier. Moreover, each stage features different types of enemies. So be sure to set up the right teams for each stage.

4.2 Make use of the trial characters

There are trial characters included in the event. Moreover, you can use them either one by one or as a four-man team to quickly power through the event. Some trial characters are Kamisato Ayato, Raiden Shogun, Venti, and Yoimiya.

4.3 Use a good vibro-crystal setup for each stage

By using Transmitter and Receiver Vibro-Crystals, your team can receive much-needed buffs for each stage. However, you need to configure them manually and check which setup is the most effective for each stage.

Moreover, you need to accumulate harmonic points while fighting against enemies. After your harmonic points increase throughout a stage, it gives you a CRITICAL DMG boost. But keep in mind that the character who triggers the transmitter is the only one who receives the buff.

5. Tips to complete the Genshin Impact Vibro Crystal Research Event

5.1 Use crowd control characters

Because you need to defeat mobs of enemies under a time limit, it’s recommended you have a crowd control character on each team. For this, we recommend using Anemo characters like Kazuha, Venti, Traveler (Anemo), and Sucrose.

5.2 Include characters great at AoE and fighting multiple enemies at once

Aside from using crowd control characters, we highly suggest using AoE and multiple target characters. If you want to quickly deal with the mobs you’ll face-off, pair your crowd control characters with powerful DPS ones. Moreover, you can include multiple DPS characters in your team.

5.3 Connect three transmitters to one receiver

For you to fully make use of the Vibro-Crystal Connections, connect all transmitters to only one receiver.

5.4 Adjust your transmitter/trigger based on who your DPS is

Another important thing to consider in the Vibro-Crystal Research event is the triggers. If you have multiple DPS characters on your team, select the third trigger. By selecting the third trigger, the buff you receive can be used by the whole team instead of just one receiving it.

Note: DPS (characters meant for dealing damage quickly)

6. Rewards for completing stages in Vibro-Crystal Research

  1. Primogems
  2. Mora
  3. Hero’s Wit
  4. Mystic Enhancement Ore
  5. Weapon Ascension Material

Vibro-Crystal Research is one of the most generous mini-events we’ve had in a long while, with a total of 350 Primogems on offer. You only have to get the basic rank in each challenge to earn them, and you don’t even need to build or bring any characters, since trial ones are provided. Simply complete each challenge and the rewards will be yours.

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