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Welcome back to another informative guide on Apex Legends! This article delves into the exciting world of tap strafing. This movement technique can give you a competitive edge, allowing you to get around with the opponents and perform incredible jumps. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, mastering tap strafing can significantly enhance your gameplay. So, let’s dive deeper into the mechanics of tap strafing and explore various combo tricks to take your skills to the next level!

What is Tap Strafing?

Before we jump into the specifics, let’s understand what tap strafing is all about. Tap strafing is a unique movement technique exclusive to mouse and keyboard (M&K) players in Apex Legends. It involves rapidly changing your character’s direction while maintaining mid-air momentum, providing unparalleled mobility during battles and traversal.

Getting Started with Tap Strafing

As I explained earlier, Tap Strafing is done with Mouse and Keyboard. Below are the steps that you should understand and know to be able to perform tap-strafe with ease.

Step 1: Accessing Your Settings To begin your journey into tap strafing mastery, the first step is to access your Apex Legends settings. From the main lobby, click on the gear icon at the screen’s bottom right. In the settings menu, we’ll adjust to optimize your tap-strafing experience.

Step 2: Navigate to Mouse and Keyboard Settings. Once in the settings menu, head to the “Mouse and Keyboard” section. If you’re using a controller, tap strafing won’t apply, as this technique is exclusive to M&K players. Mouse and keyboard users can unlock the full potential of tap strafing by emphasizing the importance of precise key binds and controls.

Step 3: Setting Up Tap Strafe Key The core of tap strafing lies in reassigning your “Move Forward” key to enable seamless execution. The “Move Forward” key is typically bound to the ‘W’ key by default. However, to tap strafe effectively, we’ll change it to the mouse scroll wheel for smooth direction transitions.

Step 4: Understanding Tap Strafing Execution Now that your key bind is set, let’s review how tap strafing works in practice. When executing tap strafing, you jump slightly and immediately press the direction key (e.g., ‘A’ for left or ‘D’ for right). Simultaneously, you’ll start spamming the mouse scroll wheel up (or down, based on your preference). Additionally, adjusting your mouse perspective towards the intended direction is crucial to tap strafe effectively.

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Movements to use with Tap Strafe.

  1. Super Glide Tap Strafe: Take your movement finesse to new heights by combining tap strafing with the super glide technique. When sliding down a slope, perform a jump, followed by a crouch, and then execute a tap strafe in any desired direction while spamming the scroll wheel. This powerful combination allows you to achieve longer and smoother movements, easily outmaneuvering opponents.
  2. Wall Bounce Tap Strafe: Elevate your wall bounce movements with tap strafing finesse. Rather than looking at the wall to perform a bounce, tap strafe in your desired direction and execute a wall bounce on the spot where you stopped. This technique saves crucial seconds and gives you a tactical advantage by surprising enemies with quick and agile movements.
  3. Zipline Redirect: While taking up the zipline or without entirely using one, you can do a super jump turn-around redirect while performing a tap strafe which allows you to do crazy movements. Movements that give you the edge on a great chase on apex legends.
  4. Octane Speed Boost Tap Strafe: If you’re using the Octane legend, tap strafing can be a game-changer when combined with the speed boost ability. Unleash impressive and unpredictable movements using tap strafing alongside Octane’s speed boost. Confuse your opponents with lightning-fast speed and maneuverability, gaining a significant advantage in high-stakes battles.

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What is tap strafing in Apex Legends?

Tap strafing is a movement technique exclusive to mouse and keyboard (M&K) players in Apex Legends. It involves quickly changing your character’s direction mid-air while maintaining momentum, granting you superior mobility during battles and traversal.

Can tap strafing be performed on controllers?

No, tap strafing is a movement technique requiring a mouse and keyboard. Controller users cannot access this technique, although there are alternatives to perform similar movements. You cannot perform this movement tech with controllers unless you use illegal software to perform macros.

Congratulations! You’ve unlocked the secrets of tap strafing in Apex Legends. This movement tech can elevate your gameplay to new heights, allowing you to outmaneuver foes and execute breathtaking jumps. As you practice and incorporate tap strafing into your playstyle, expect your movement finesse and combat prowess to reach unparalleled levels. So, gear up, hit the battlefield, and showcase your tap-strafing skills to dominate Apex Legends like never before! Happy gaming!

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