Is Apple Ditching The Buttons On The iPhone 15 Pro? Know The Real Story

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The buzz around the release of the iPhone 14 series has barely subsided. Yet the tech giant Apple is already setting its sights on the future. Apple has reportedly initiated pre-development work on its upcoming iPhone 15 series. It promises to push the boundaries of innovation even further. Among the exciting rumors circulating about the top-of-the-line iPhone 15 Pro is that it may completely do away with physical buttons. And instead utilize an advanced Taptic engine for volume control, paving the way for a sleeker and more streamlined design.

Apple’s preeminent engineering team operating tirelessly to refine this technology. Users can anticipate a more instinctive and responsive user experience. As the expectation builds for the debut of the iPhone 15 series. Tech fanatics are eagerly awaiting additional details about this ingenious device.

Recent leaks about the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro imply that the Taptic Engine will acquire a major upgrade, allowing it to recognize clicks for volume control and power on/off functions. These rumors were revealed by the renowned Apple insider, Ming-Chi Kuo, adding to the anticipation surrounding the iPhone 15 series.

With this level of innovation, many are left wondering if Apple plans to release a completely buttonless and portless iPhone shortly. The removal of physical buttons could be a major step toward a new era of smartphone design. And fans of the brand are eagerly awaiting further news on this exciting development.

It’s worth noting that the tech giant has already explored the use of haptic feedback in its previous devices. The Home button on past iPhones and the trackpad on the MacBook lineup are prime examples of this. The MacBook trackpad doesn’t physically respond to pressure but instead relies on vibrations to simulate the sense of touch.

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Will this Change make the iPhone 15 cost-effective and durable?

Many have speculated about the reasons behind Apple’s rumored move to solid-state buttons on the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro. As it’s not immediately clear what benefits this change will bring. While some might assume that this change is to increase the durability of the device, this is unlikely to be the case as the buttons are not a weak point that causes iPhones to break. The glass on the front and back of the phone is typically the most fragile component.

Furthermore, it’s not conceivable that the shift to solid-state buttons is a cost-saving action. But since it would be more costly than the existing legacy pushbutton to incorporate a touch sensor and Taptic Processor into the iPhone. Additionally, switching to solid-state buttons is dubious to save internal space. Since the tiniest Taptic Engine is larger than the conventional button mechanism.

While Apple may have some ingenious engineering solution that makes a solid-state structure inexpensive or smaller. It’s formidable to imagine that this would be the case. If there were such a solution, it would likely be implemented across all iPhone models rather than just the Pro version. As of now, the exact reasons behind Apple’s move to solid-state buttons remain a mystery. And fans are eagerly anticipating further information from the company.

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What will the new iPhone 15 will look like?

Dynamic Island

One can anticipate a familiar design with the forthcoming iPhone 15, as Apple has not made substantial transformations in the design language of the past few generations. Nevertheless, one considerable change is the absence of a notch. Instead, each model is expected to have a Dynamic Island, which is a plausible assumption based on the design of the higher-end iPhone 14s. This will likely allow for new features and functionalities that make use of Dynamic Island.

Anticipating Solid-state Buttons on the side

In terms of hardware, as mentioned earlier the iPhone 15 may have solid-state buttons on the side. This would function similarly to mini trackpads, much like the Home button on the existing iPhone SE. The usefulness of Taptic Engines to provide haptic feedback when touching the power and volume buttons would enhance the device’s durability. And could also be an alluring marketing feature for Apple.

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iPhone 15 Rumored to Adopt USB-C Port

Reports imply that the subsequent iPhone, the iPhone 15, may finally adopt the much-coveted USB-C port. This move is witnessed as a response to EU legislation that requires Apple to switch to USB-C by 2024. However, there’s a catch. Apple is rumored to restrict the usage of third-party USB-C cables by enforcing the MFi program, which stands for “Made for iPhone.” This means that non-certified cables may face limitations in terms of charging and data transfer speeds. It remains to see how this will affect the iPhone 15’s overall appeal, especially among Android users who rely on USB-C cables for their devices.

periscope-style rear camera

The iPhone 15 Pro Max/Ultra may come with a periscope-style rear camera that can help users take better pictures even if their hands are shaky. This camera system can zoom in further and produce less digital noise in the final image. Samsung’s Galaxy S22/S23 Ultra has a similar feature. The periscope-style camera rumor first surfaced last summer, and smaller variants of the iPhone 15 expect to have a regular telephoto lens.

Thinner Bezels

Leaked CAD renders by Ice Universe indicate that the gossiped iPhone 15 Ultra will be thicker than the iPhone 14 Pro Max. But will have a thinner camera bump. The phone’s depth reports being 8.25mm, making it the thickest iPhone since the iPhone 4s. But with the camera bump, the overall thickness will be 11.84mm, still thinner than the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The phone’s branding is still uncertain, but the design is unique enough to justify the Ultra name. The rumored periscope zoom lens may be the reason for the phone’s thickness.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the upcoming iPhone 15 series has already captured the attention of tech enthusiasts, with rumors circulating about its possible features and design. The iPhone 15 Pro may introduce a buttonless design, relying instead on a Taptic engine for volume control. While the benefits of this change are not yet clear, it is a move away from traditional solid-state buttons. The iPhone 15 is expected to have a familiar design, without a notch and with the addition of a Dynamic Island. There may also be a USB-C port and a periscope-style rear camera. Despite limited information, the anticipation for the iPhone 15 series is growing, and consumers eagerly await further details from Apple.

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