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This is the great and the latest news for the Apple users who have iWatch. Here is the latest news that you can watch on youtube on the iWatch. Earlier you had to copy the link from YouTube and send it to the messaging app and then play it on the iWatch. But now here is a simple and easy trick. You can just play YouTube on the watch with the same capabilities as the former but with a different name called “WATCHTUBE

YouTube Videos On Apple Watch
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Let us know how you can watch the videos on the apple iWatch of YouTube videos through the WatchTube app. Also, we have mentioned the instructions on how to use the Messages workaround trick in case you aren’t able to use WatchTube.

As we mentioned earlier, there are two ways to watch YouTube videos on the Apple Watch. Here’s an explanation and step-by-step tutorial on how both of the methods are available.

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Using Watchtube To Watch Youtube Videos On Apple Watch.

This is a really easy method where you need to download the WatchTube app from the watchOS app store and get it on with your watching spree. It goes like this:-

  1. Go to the watchOS App Store and start downloading the “WatchTube” app and install it.
  2. Once the installation is done. First, go to the app. Now, check all the videos you want to watch or like to watch on the home screen.
  3. Look for a video that you want to play and press on it to play the same thing. The Apple iWatch will either play the sound from the built-in speakers on the iWatch or through the headphones only if they are connected.
  1. Now you can share any video instantly from your Apple iWatch by revealing the QR code. This QR code can be detected by an iPhone or tab. It helps in launching the video.

Watch tube is also like a mini version of YouTube that offers everything and you can search it. You can also search by entering any keyword, use the scribble, or dictation tool to get the results with the app itself.

This app does not have any integration with the Google Account. This means that you can watch the videos on the WatchTube but you will not be synced with the Google Account. You will also not receive any kinds of recommendations or history which are connected to the iPhone. Because both the devices are out of sync. The developers are working on the audio feature which will help in playing only the audio without the video, although the timeline is not available yet.

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Play YouTube Videos on Apple iWatch using the Messages app on the iPhone :

Only the iWatch users come to this article as it is only based on the Apple series. However, you have been using this trick for ages now. Let me show it to you once again for those who have just got their Apple iWatch for the first time. You can play YouTube videos on the Apple iWatch by leveraging Messages on your iPhone.

  1. Unlock your iPhone head to the YouTube app and select the video you are willing to see on your iWatch. Copy the link to the video
  2. Head to the Message App on your iPhone. Add a new message by keeping any number or yourself as the recipient.
  3. Now, paste the video link that was just copied from YouTube and then click on the send option.
  4. Head to the Messages app on your Apple iWatch. Now check for the sent message as it may be in quick syncs with almost all the details of your Apple account that is paired with the Apple iWatch.
  5. You should get the video which is sent through the message and in the normal Messages app which helps you play the video. Once you select the Play button the video starts playing on the iWatch. The Apple iWatch will either let the sound from the built-in speakers on the iWatch or through the headphones only if they are connected.

This is how you can resolve your problem, doesn’t it? You can do the same thing by sending a copied link of the YouTube video through WhatsApp or email or any other app that can sync between your Apple iPhone and the Apple iWatch. This is how you can use WatchTube to watch videos that you like on YouTube right from your Apple Watch without any disturbance of relative ease.

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