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How To Start Using Discord As A Beginner: A Complete Guide

Discord has grown a lot in the six or so years since it first came out. It started out as a simple piece of...
RTC not connecting issue on Discord

How To RTC Not Connecting Issue On Discord

Try the fixes listed here to get rid of the RTC not connecting issue on Discord. WebRTC is a real-time communication tool used as an...
Discord Web Client Not Playing Audio

Discord Web Client Not Playing Audio? Try These Fixes

In this article, we will put down the fixes that can help resolve the Discord Web Client not playing audio. Discord is the most popular...
Discord Overlay Not Working

How To Fix Discord Overlay Not Working Issue

Keep reading the article to find out how can you fix the Discord Overlay not working issue. Discord is a streaming platform that does not...
Discord mic not working in Windows 11

Is Discord Mic Not Working In Windows 11? Apply These Fixes

In this article, we have put down the different hacks that can help fix the Discord mic not working in Windows 11 issue. Discord is...

8 Best Fixes: Discord Not Opening On Windows 11

Discord is an amazing platform where you can have meaningful discussions with like-minded people. However, the user experience with Discord is not always pleasant....
developer mode in Discord

All About Developer Mode In Discord

In this article, we will explain everything about the developer mode in Discord. Even if you are a regular user of Discord, you might not...
Delete Servers on Discord

How To Delete Servers On Discord

In this article, we are going to explain how to delete servers on Discord. Discord Servers come in handy when you have to configure group...
Discord Stuck on RTC Connecting on Windows 11

How To Fix Discord Stuck On RTC Connecting On Windows 11?

Discord supports Voice Chat capabilities during gaming sessions that occur through the WebRTC technology that lets you communicate with your team members and friends....
Discord Channel Read only

How To Make A Discord Channel Read Only

Discord Channel Read Only When you use Discord, you can use a lot of unique and powerful tools. It's one of the most popular chat...