20+ Best Google Doodle Games to play in 2023

Games20+ Best Google Doodle Games to play in 2023

In this roundup, we have presented a rundown of the best Google Doodle Games available for you to play in 2023.

Google has published countless doodles honoring various occasions over the years. The search engine provider has occasionally gone above and beyond our expectations by creating some fun doodle games. You may still play some of the top Google Doodle games we’ve compiled below.

Most games may be finished in a few minutes, making them great diversionary activities for boredom or on the walk home. Yes, there are many interactive Google Doodles that you can play. We’ve tested the best and included them in this article to save time.

#1. Magic Cat Academy

Best Google Doodle Games to play in 2023

Do you want to know what it’s like to fight in a magic-based duel in the wizarding world? This game could be the closest thing you can find, though. You must quickly draw the appropriate forms to defeat ghosts in Magic Cat Academy. 

Despite having a simple concept, this game might be challenging in contrast to the others on our list. This one is one of the few Google Doodle games to be released twice. Both times, it happened on Halloween.

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#2. Cartridge-style Google Doodle Game

The latest Google Doodle allows people to design their video games from the start. Users can make their levels using the game’s edit tool, and there are five pre-made cartridge games to choose from. Even the Super Mario Maker series is similar to this game.

#3. Quick, Draw! 

Even though this isn’t a doodle game, it’s still a fun game that belongs on our list. Google has created an experiment called Quick, Draw! in which users may utilize an AI neural network to play Pictionary. In this game, you will be given the word to draw as the AI makes an educated guess as to what it is.

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#4. Wilbur Scoville’s 151st birthday

Best Google Doodle Games to play in 2023

Wilbur Scoville created the Scoville scale, which describes the degree of heat or spiciness of peppers. Players can play this video game to celebrate the birthday of the pharmacologist, chemist, and teacher who founded this drugstore.

#5. Hip Hop

Ever desired to learn what it’s like to be a DJ? Making mixtapes and playing your favorite tunes are both possible with this Doodle game. To mark the 44th anniversary of the beginning of hip-hop, the game was released in 2017. With this game, you can create your music by combining numerous great albums.

#6. Rockmore

A video game called Rockmore was released in 2016 to honor Clara Rockmore’s 105th birthday. She was a master at playing the theremin, an electronic instrument that can be played with gestures. You may learn how to play the theremin and many musical notes in this game.

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#7. Fischinger

In honor of Oskar Fischinger’s 117th birthday, another game with a musical theme, Fischinger, was made. Users will be able to make their compositions of visual music. You can use The Doodle’s extensive selection of settings to alter presets, tempos, tones, keys, etc.

#8. Loteria (Mexican Bingo)

A traditional card game from Mexico called Loteria is comparable to bingo. The player must mark a card that the announcer displays. To win the game, the player must meet a specified requirement. For instance, get every card in a row, every card in a column, etc.

Best Google Doodle Games

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#9. Great Ghoul Duel 

Another multiplayer Doodle game that supports up to eight players is The Great Ghoul Duel. To commemorate the holiday, the game was released on Halloween 2018. 

Up to eight people can compete, divided into two teams. The game’s goal is to gather as many souls as possible and return them to your base for solid upgrades. A follow-up to the game was released on Halloween 2022. 

#10. Celebrating pizza

Pizza, one of the most adored foods in the entire globe, now has a Google Doodle game. It’s a challenging video game that includes the challenge of cutting it dependent on the type of pizza the customer needs. You must pay close attention to the covering type and the component matter and ensure the finishing result is precise as ordered.

#11. Google’s Quick Draw

You will undoubtedly appreciate Google’s Quick Draw if you enjoy games like Pictionary, attract something, and so on. You can draw an element suggested by the AI and think the thing with Google’s Quick Draw. 

Best Google Doodle Games

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#12. Celebrating Garden Gnomes 

Due to the Garden Gnomes’ significance in German history, this playable Google Doodle video game expressly honors them. It requires launching your Gnome as far as it is practical with a catapult or trebuchet. You can plant more blossoms the farther your gnome travels.

#13. Halloween 2016

This is a cat-themed Halloween video game that is cute! All you have to do to eliminate the ghosts is display your unique abilities by drawing the icon. Keep having fun, and the spirits will increase from one hero to more than five! Even if it’s not Halloween, playing this game may be a great vacation from work because it needs speed and accuracy.

#14. Doodle Champion Island Games

One of the most popular doodle games Google has ever created is Doodle Champion Island Games. The game has many mini-games and lasts approximately an hour or two. It was made to commemorate the Tokyo Olympics and has a retro RPG feel.

One must defeat each sports champion on the map to obtain all seven sacred scrolls. Champion Island also has a tonne of undiscovered challenges for you to find. One of the most excellent Google doodle games is this one.

Best Google Doodle Games to play in 2023

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#15. Pac-Man doodle game on Google

You can play Pac-Man’s well-known classic game by typing its name into Google. The PAC-MAN Doodle with a google-style map will then appear on the page. The arrow keys on your keyboard could be utilized to control Pac-Man. Clicking “Insert Coin” twice will allow you to play the game with a buddy. The WASD keys can control Ms. Pac-Man, who will emerge after that. 

Fun fact: The bottom arrow key can also be used to access other classic games like Minesweeper, Sanke, Solitaire, etc.

#16. Doctor Who Doodle Game

Here is a cute little game for Doctor Who lovers. The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who coincided with the introduction of this Google doodle game. You can choose your favorite Doctor and take on his role in the game. Game users must plan their movements to dodge adversaries and take advantage of the environment.

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#17. Love Pangolins (Sonic-like game)

This Doodle game, similar to the original Sonic game, will undoubtedly be enjoyed by Sonic enthusiasts. The Google Doodle game was made public on Valentine’s Day 2017 to increase awareness of pangolins and other threatened species. As a pangolin looking to impress its mate, you play as it searches for flowers.

The game’s goal is collecting flowers, much like Sonic collects coins. The game can be finished quickly, and you can aim for the top score, as many flowers as you can manage, while controlling the pangolin with the arrow keys.

#18. Pony Express

Google is commemorating the 155th anniversary of the famous Pony Express with this Doodle. Players must ride horses while dodging cacti and other hazards to deliver letters from California to Missouri in this game. The game aims to collect 100 letters, which is relatively short. 

 Best Google Doodle Games to play 2023

#19. The Savoy Ballroom

The rhythmic doodle game Savoy Ballroom is enjoyable and honors swing dance. The Savoy Ballroom, a well-known Swing Era dance club, is featured in the game. Players must time their key presses correctly to succeed in this game. The highlighted key must be pressed when it is directly above the musical note, which must be followed.

Quick Note: You may sync your key pushes with the musical note by keeping an eye on the white circle.

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#20. Rubik’s Cube Doodle Game on Google 

Everybody has attempted to solve a Rubik’s cube at least once in their lifetime. On the toy’s 40th anniversary, Google released the Rubik’s Cube puzzle game. Thanks to Chrome Cube Lab, you can still play the game even when the interactive version is no longer functional. 

#21. Baseball (2012)

In this video game, which tests your basketball skills, you must click at the precise moment to ensure that the force with which you throw is accurate. Getting the basketball in the hoop can take a few attempts, but it will undoubtedly be entertaining.

Best Google Doodle Games

#22. Google Doodle Cricket

Love to play cricket but cannot do it outside because your friends are too busy? Google has you covered. You may help a cute tiny cricket turn and hit the balls in this game. 

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#23. Slalom Canoe

If canoeing appeals to you, you’ll like this Doodle. Use the arrowhead shortcuts on your keyboard to navigate the boat and avoid obstacles as you approach it.

#24. Soccer

Would you enjoy playing goalkeeper? Play Soccer 2012 now. To prevent the opponent from racking up an objective, you must move your character around with the mouse and press the Spacebar secret on your keyboard at the appropriate moment. Simple, fun, and engaging.

20+ Best Google Doodle Games to play in 2023

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Wrapping Up

Google has created a lot of Doodle games over the years that are based on conventional sports. We have curated the list of the best ones we could find for you in 2023. 

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