Sunday, January 23, 2022
wordle Game tips

Wordle: Strategies And Tips To Play Like A Pro

Wordle is taking over Twitter, and the green and yellow-colored boxes have already started to show up all over the place, too. The new...
5 Best free Alternatives to Wordle

5 Best Free Alternatives To Wordle Game

Are you obsessed with Wordle but want to Solve more puzzles per day? We have got your back. Today, this article is going to...
Show Language Bar on Desktop or Taskbar Windows 11

Connect To Wireless Display with Miracast in Windows 11

Are you playing a game, watching a video or doing anything on your Windows 11 PC's display and want to show it to others...
Touch Screen Gestures Windows 11

Touch Screen Gestures Windows 11- Ultimate Guide

This article will discuss various touch screen gestures that can be used on Windows 11. Obviously, for using touch screen gestures. your devices must...
Macbook Air M1 randomly shutting down

How To Fix Macbook Air M1 Randomly Shutting Down Issue

Keep reading to know about different ways that can fix the Macbook Air M1 randomly shutting down the issue. You’re here because lately, your Macbook...

What Do The Bars Mean On The iPhone Weather App?

Bars On The iPhone Weather App When Apple bought the famous weather app Dark Sky in 2020, it made a lot of changes to...
no sound from the Apple Watch Series 7 speaker issue.

5 Tips To Fix No Sound From Apple Watch Series 7 Speaker

Keep reading below to fix the no sound from Apple Watch Series 7 Speaker, try these fixes. So, you’ve recently purchased the brand-new wearable...
iPhone 13 swipe up screen not working

iPhone 13 Swipe Up Screen Not Working? Try These Fixes

This troubleshooting article helps fix the iPhone 13 swipe up screen not working issue.Ideally, when you purchase a brand-new iPhone and upgrade to the...
Enable Or Disable Show Taskbar On All Displays In Windows 11

4 Methods To Fix Windows 11 Not Waking Up After Long Sleep Issue

The experience of your Windows 11 PC not waking up from long sleep can be horrible and frustrating at the same time. You have...
Create Breakout Rooms in Google Meet

How To Create Breakout Rooms In Google Meet

Create Breakout Rooms In Google Meet Google Meet is a video-conference-calling technology that connects distant coworkers for real-time engagement. It is meant especially for professional...

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