Saturday, October 1, 2022
Old MacBook (Image Source: Apple)

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Old MacBook

Apple's MacBooks are powerful tools in the world of technology. They keep upgrading with new features and capabilities, from time to time.  A new...
safest web browser

Which Web Browser Is Safest To Avoid Hacking- September 2022

A web browser is safest which does not store your personal information and avoids hacking. Before jumping to the anti-hacking and safe web browsers...
Apps on Older iPhones

5 Ways To Install Unsupported Apps On Older iPhones

The expanding technology is leading to a particularly Fear of missing out (FOMO) that's established in people all around the world. This fear is...
Time Machine Can't See Old Backups in macbook

Time Machine Can’t See Old Backups in macbook : Solved

If you Can't See Old Backups of your time machine, there must be some issue with your Mac or time machine tool. If your...
keep Your Passwords Safe And Secure

12 Tips To keep Your Passwords Safe And Secure

In this age of the digital revolution, every person has their digital identity online. Anyone would want to secure their identities and keep their...
best apps to make video

12 Best Apps That Really Helps In Making Videos

In the age of Social Media and content, there is a boom in video content consumption. This is leading to the rise of video...
12 Tips to add images and animations while making video

12 Tips To Add Images And Animations While Making Video

As a video content creator, you might sometimes want to add and integrate images or animations in your videos. This could be due to...
Benefit from your smartphone

8 Ways You Can Get Benefit From Your Smartphone

The eight methods listed below will help you benefit from a smartphone in every way possible, learn productive things, and increase productivity in your...
Tips On Recording Your Voice While Making Video

12 Tips On Recording Your Voice While Making Video

As we already know, making a video includes a variety of factors that determine a successful output. And out of those factors, getting the...
compatible with Android 13

How To Know Whether Your Phone Is Compatible With Android 13?

Android 13 might not be as exciting as Android 12, which was a major update. Still, our review of Android 13 says it should...