iOS 16.5 RC Is Out- Know What’s New

GadgetsiPhonesiOS 16.5 RC Is Out- Know What's New

Apple newly made the iOS 16.5 RC (Release Candidate) available to both testers as well as devs. This reveals an assertive possibility that Apple will release the final and public version of iOS 16.5, as well as iPadOS 16.5 for compatible iPads, as early as the subsequent week.

Registered devs and beta testers can currently access the iOS 16.5 RC. you can update the iOS 16.5 RC by heading to the Settings app, and then you require to select General, and finally select Software Update.

Apart from the release of iOS 16.5 RC, several other software updates will furthermore be available to the public soon. These software updates include iPadOS 16.5 and tvOS 16.5 as well as the macOS 13.4 and watchOS 9.5.

Further, if you don’t know what RC is. Well, when the Beta test period concludes, the software development teams produce a version known as the Release Candidate (RC), which is regarded as an almost-final product. The RC version typically comprises fixed glitches or bugs detected during the Beta phase.

Anyways, let’s read on to find out what’s new in the iOS 16.5 RC!

What new things to know about iOS 16.5 RC?

Just like the prior iOS 16.4 arrived with various bug fixes, this software update comprises diverse minor to moderate modifications and fresh features. Let’s take a peek at what iOS 16.5 RC has to offer.

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New Features of the iOS 16.5 RC

Although iOS 16.5 RC is indeed new, the gaze of the developers and the public is now pivoting towards the upcoming iOS 17, which will be introduced at WWDC (Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference) next month. As a consequence, the current version of iOS, which is 16.5, does not have many consequential changes or updates, as most of the focus is on the development of the upcoming iOS 17. If you wanna find out about iOS 17 huge leaks, make sure to hit the link.

#1. Sports Tags

Apple has incorporated a Sports tab in its News app in iOS 16.5, facilitating users to effortlessly access news as well as scores along with schedules for their preferred teams and leagues. Earlier, this information was located in the Today tab. Nonetheless, with the motive of enriching its sports content, Apple has exalted the significance of sports news in the app.

#2. Operate Siri to Initiate Screen Recording

iOS 16.5 includes a convenient feature where users can operate Siri to commence screen recording. With this addition, users can currently say Hey Siri, and start recording to capture the screen of their iPhone along with the audio. To end the recording, they can simply say Hey Siri, stop recording. Nonetheless, users can even commence screen recording through the Control Center if they prefer.

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#3. Wallpapers for Pride Celebration

In iOS 16 update, you will find several regular as well as animated wallpapers to commemorate and show solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community during Pride Celebration. These wallpapers can furthermore be customized and used on the iPhone’s Lock Screen.

#4. Update Your iPhone even when your Battery is below 50%

Apple has currently made it feasible to install software updates on your iPhone even when the battery level is below 50%. Besides that, you do not require to charge your device while the updates are downloading and installing, as long as the battery level remains above 20%.

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Major Bug Fixes

  • iPhone users encountered an unresponsive Spotlight feature in iOS 16.4, to the degree that the keyboard did not show up even when tapping the search bar. This issue has finally been corrected by Apple with the present iOS 16.5 update.
  • Another issue that Apple has furthermore addressed is the problem of the Podcasts app occasionally displaying laggy content or failing to show content on Apple CarPlay displays.
  • The iOS 16.5 update resolved a problem with Screen Time settings where it could either reset or fail to synchronize beyond all devices.

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Which iPhones are supported by iOS 16.5 RC?

The final version of iOS 16.5 is designed to function on iPhones that have iOS 16 OS. This signifies that the update is compatible with iPhone models ranging from the latest mode iPhone 14 to the older models which is the iPhone 8 as well as iPhone X.

When will iOS 16.5 release?

According to Apple’s announcement during the launch of the new Pride Edition wallpapers, iOS 16.5 will be released next week. Based on the Apple release pattern, they mainly released iOS updates at the start of the week, so it is probable that users will be able to install iOS 16.5 on their iPhones on either Monday or Tuesday evening.

How can I update my iOS 16 RC to official?

The final version of iOS 16, which was released on September 2022, has the exact build number as the Release Candidate version. This indicates that if you now have the Release Candidate or RC version on your iPhone, you don’t have to do anything to upgrade to the final version as you are already operating the recent and final version of iOS 16.

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