MacBook Air 2022 – All You Need To Know

PCMacMacBook Air 2022 - All You Need To Know

Rumors to get the most affordable Apple Laptop. It could bring the biggest redesign in years along with more power and feature.

We are well overdue a new MacBook Air, so much so that we reckon Apple’s next laptop needs to be the MacBook Air 2022. Though we may still need to wait a bit before that happens.

The MacBook Air 2022 will most likely keep the silent, fanless design and excellent battery life. Which is already the longest in an Apple laptop, even if Apple doesn’t make any adjustments. But we’re expecting some improvements, particularly in the Air’s design, with the 2022 model. Rumors abound of a complete redesign including a plethora of colors to choose from. Similar to the classic Mac-inspired ones that you can pick for the 2021 iMac and 4th generation iPad Air.

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1. MacBook Pro 2022 Release Date & Price

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has suggested that the MacBook Air 2022 could launch at WWDC in June, alongside a second unspecified Mac — possibly the MacBook Pro 2022 or Mac mini 2022

When it comes to price, the current MacBook Air starts at $999. We’d expect Apple to mostly stick with that pricing in order to keep competitive with Windows laptops.

But like a lot of Apple devices, expect that price to jump up when additional RAM and storage are added in.

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2. MacBook Pro 2022 Design

The reason why you should hold out for the MacBook Air 2022 over the MacBook Air with M1 is that the rumored next-gen model could have a redesign.
Slimmer bezels are expected and one of the 5 things we want from the next MacBook Air. However, that could also mean a notch in the top of the display for the camera, as seen on the MacBook Pro 2021
And the screen is tipped it uses a mini-LED display like the iPad Pro 2021 and new MacBook Pros, which should see a boost in brightness and colors. However, Ming-Chi Kuo disputes this and notes that the laptop may come with a brand new form factor that doesn’t include mini-LED.

More colors are also expected, seeing Apple move away from just Space Gray and Silver. Off-white has been tipped along with other colors that draw inspiration from the pastel hues of the iMac 2021.
There’s no word on a keyboard or trackpad upgrade. But the Force Touch trackpad is one of the best around. And after Apple moved away from the Butterfly keyboard mechanism to re-adopting a scissor key mechanism, typing on MacBooks has been greatly improved.

A new suite of MacBook Air 2022 renders, based on the rumors, has given us another look at what a redesigned entry-level MacBook could look like. They paint a picture of an attractive entry-level MacBook with a suite of color options. including the new Alpine Green hue as seen on the iPhone 13.

3. MagSafe and Ports

For longtime MacBook fans, MagSafe charging was seen as a defining feature, one that separated Apple from PCs. Unfortunately, Apple removed MagSafe following fire safety concerns and a switch to USB Type-C.

But with MagSafe back on the new MacBook Pros, it’s likely to make its way to the next MacBook Air. And the rumors thus far have hinted at it coming back to the next-gen Air as well.

4. Performance

The current-generation MacBook Air offers an M1 chip, which is Apple’s first-generation computer processor. It’s a great chip, but after releasing the M1 Pro and M1 Max, many are looking toward what’s next. Recent rumors indicate that the new MacBook Air will come with Apple’s next-generation M2 chip. It will also power a new entry-level MacBook Pro, and potentially the next iMac.


After all the rumors or leaks, our wait could be over in June 2022. We all are expecting a better Mac. In this article, we tried to cover the leaks or rumors related to MacBook Air 2022. Hope you liked it. And let’s hope for a better Mac.

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