14 Best Podcast Editing Software For Mac

PCMac14 Best Podcast Editing Software For Mac

2022 is definitely the year of podcasts. There has been a significant surge in the numbers in terms of podcast listeners or viewers. People are loving the format so much that podcasters now have a built-up pressure around them. They must produce quality outputs and maintain those standards. In this article, we will talk about the 14 best podcast editing software for mac.

The Mac is naturally very powerful in terms of creative output. Leverage it to its best extent when you want to record or edit podcasts. You can make use of various software and go ahead into your creative flow zone.

Let’s get started with the 14 best podcast editing software for mac!

1# Audacity

Audacity is the most widely used cross-platform. It is free and open-source audio software. Mac users may easily edit and record audio on several tracks with Audacity. In our list, it comes top. There are two effective uses for the platform. One is to use the tools at hand to edit recorded podcast audio. The second option is to immediately record your audio and then use Audacity for editing. It is possible to alter the order of the frames, fix annoying noises, equalize the frequency, and finally export the audio outside.

podcast editing software

2# Logic Pro

A digital audio workstation called Logic Pro is available for the Mac. One of the top DAW programs available is Apple’s Logic Pro. Sound editors love Logic Pro X’s new live loops and sampler plug-in features, which have skyrocketed its popularity. Using presets and templates, you may manage many projects and set them up.
Playback is possible over the entire recording. Soundtrack syncing is possible. Numerous new features are available, including key shortcuts, silent remover, and varispeed. Eliminating crosstalk and noises in the audio is a good step. And the change in the sequence of audio frames is possible. Adding some music can help increase production values. Even lowering the dynamic ranges can help in this process.

podcast editing software

3# WaveLab

Today’s social media users and podcast listeners demand the highest quality audio and video. Gaining new admirers requires unwavering quality, comprehensibility, clarity, and excellent material. With a variety of high-quality, user-friendly tools for recording, editing, enhancing, and dissemination, WaveLab Cast assists you in producing podcasts and interviews that are ideal for producing beautiful outcomes and attracting more subscribers.
Numerous software capabilities make it simple to refine audio, which aids in quick transmission.

14 Best Podcast editing software for Mac

4# Adobe Audition

Make podcasts with rich audio using Adobe Audition. Use a powerful digital audio workstation to record and mix, then export high-quality audio files directly to your podcast audience. The most flexible podcast recording and editing software should be used to record and edit your vocal files. For richer tones, you can change the levels. Edit it on your own, and give it some sonic flair. In Audition, creating a podcast is simple. By simply choosing a podcast template, the application creates a multitrack recording that allows you to mix and edit several voices.

14 Best Podcast editing software for Mac

5# Riverside

Riverside is a comprehensive podcast recording and editing program perfect for amateurs, experts, and everyone in between. With automatic editing and customizing capabilities, the Riverside Magic Editor enables you to produce a professional podcast in a matter of minutes. The Clips feature, in particular for video podcasts, is a true game-changer. With only a few clicks, this tool converts the highlights of your long-form content into brief commercial teasers. Riverside has easy-to-customize and branded backgrounds, automatic tools for fine-tuning your audio, and an AI Speaker view that immediately shifts to the speaker speaking.

14 Best Podcast editing software for Mac

6# GarageBand

You can alter the pitch and velocity of tracks as well as perform other types of editing and morphing on recordings. Add tracks to your podcast using an iPhone or iPad because GarageBand is only available for Macs. You may use real-time editing features in GarageBand to enhance sound quality, cutting down on the amount of time you need to spend editing audio after recording. Pre-recorded loops and synths are among the numerous built-in elements of the user-friendly interface that make it simple to make background music. Understanding how to utilize the program for editing and sound modification successfully doesn’t take long.

14 Best Podcast editing software for Mac

7# FL Studio

Playlist, Channel Rack, and Mixer-Master are just a few of the panels FL Studio begins with. To the left, you also have the Browser, which you can use to look for standard or third-party plugins and sounds, as well as a plethora of icons on the top bar. Although FL Studio’s interface names each icon and makes an effort to provide some information to the user, you can feel overwhelmed by how much room all the various capabilities occupy. Plugins and VSTs for FL Studio are incredibly simple to download and use right away. The sound quality was the purpose of FL Studio. Although first, a little intimidating, FL Studio’s user interface is significantly more suitable for that use.

Let’s continue ahead with the rest of the 14 best podcast editing software for mac.

8# Reaper

The software comes with a tonne of built-in plugins to enhance your audio. Additionally, adjustable automation features shorten the editing process for your podcast. Reaper offers a user interface that is intuitive for beginners. On Reaper’s website, you may access a wealth of resources, such as a software handbook and instructional videos.

14 Best Podcast editing software for Mac

9# Auphonic

Because of its automation features, Auphonic stands apart. Without your involvement, quality issues like track leveling, background noise, and volume will be fixed in your audio files. The automation mechanisms in this podcast editing program essentially handle all of the work for you. To begin, you actually don’t need any technological expertise. As soon as you begin using the software, you can make audio quality presets so that you can produce more audio quickly and spend fewer hours on post-production.

14 Best Podcast editing software for Mac

10# Acoustica

On both Mac and PC, Acoustica 7 is the ideal program for audio editing, podcast production, mastering, and audio restoration. It comes with a strong and precise clip editor that allows you to navigate and edit single-track audio in top-notch quality. In multitrack sessions, audio samples can be imported or recorded on several tracks and mixed and processed.

14 Best Podcast editing software for Mac

11# Descript

Descript frees podcast producers from the tedious technical work of audio and video editing, allowing them to concentrate on creating excellent content. When you create a podcast editing tool from scratch in a universe with AI and other things, you get something descript. You can alter audio by editing text; you don’t need any prior knowledge of sound engineering. A fully functional, professional multitrack production engine with all you need to achieve your most imaginative creative ideas may be found beneath Descript’s sleek appearance.

14 Best Podcast editing software for Mac

12# Pro Tools

Over 20 plugins are included in the free version, which is ideal for beginners just getting started. The most expensive versions of this software are designed for more experienced users, and it incorporates automatic capabilities that save time on editing. For instance, you can make podcast templates with Logic Pro. Depending on what you need, this program might be as basic or as complicated. Beginners should choose the free edition because it gives you the fundamentals. You can simply graduate to the more sophisticated premium features once you get the feel of it.

14 Best Podcast editing software for Mac

13# Ardour

A digital workstation program called Ardour is ideal for advertisers on a limited budget. To record an audio track, simply connect a keyboard or microphone to a high-quality audio interface.  Yes, unlimited undo and redo are included with everything. Fading, isolating, mixing and other features are possible for good quality as well.

14 Best Podcast editing software for Mac

14# Hindenburg Pro

This program is used to create podcasts and radio shows. With its simple-to-use yet powerful, field-tested audio editor created to streamline and automate your spoken-word workflow, work smarter and quicker. Every feature was created to address issues that frequently arise in podcasting and radio, such as uneven levels, noisy recordings, inconsistent voice sounds, bleeding microphones, and changing loudness requirements.

These are the 14 best podcast editing software for Mac. Each software provides many useful features, and a few even give you cutting-edge AI support. Compare the pricing plans and have an outlook of what suits your needs exactly. Choose the one that suits you the most.

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