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Windows 11 File Explorer Tabs

How To Increase VRAM In Windows 11

Computer memory is very important if you want to get to applications and programmes quickly. The computer memory, or RAM, is used by the...
Widgets in Windows 11

How To Add Or Remove Widgets In Windows 11

About Windows 11 As our PCs become more important in our lives, Windows 11 is designed to help you connect with the things that make...
Record audio in iPhone and iPad

How To Record Audio On iPhone And iPad

Steve  Jobs, the CEO of Apple, made what is thought to be his best presentation ever when he announced the iPhone on January 9,...

How To Factory Reset Windows 11 PC

Factory Reset a Windows 11 Windows 11 PCs can be reset to resolve problems or prepare them for sale. This clears all of your settings...
Windows 11 File Explorer Tabs

How To Fix Wi-Fi Disconnecting Problem In Windows 11?

Wi-Fi disconnecting problem Windows 11 Users of Windows 10 who recently upgraded to Windows 11 are encountering numerous troubles. We recently published a helpful tutorial...
Screen Mirror Your iPhone

How To Screen Mirror Your iPhone And iPad To TV

Screen Mirror Your iPhone There are times when the small screen of your iPhone or iPad isn't big enough to show off the videos, photos,...
USB Accessories Disabled

How To Fix “USB Accessories Disabled” On Mac

USB Accessories Disabled If there was a poll to determine the most common Mac error, the USB accessories disabled notice would be a strong contender....
Restart the Macbook Touch Bar

How To Fix And Restart The Macbook Touch Bar When It Stops Working

Restart the Macbook Touch Bar The MacBook Pro's Touch Bar is an OLED multi-touch strip that provides a convenient method to access system-level and app-specific...
iPhone and Apple watch protect you from hearing loss

How iPhone And Apple Watch Can Help Protect You From Hearing Loss

iPhone and Apple watch protect you from hearing loss Apple has a long history of incorporating health-related features into a wide variety of its products....
Change Country on Amazon Prime Video

How To Change Country On Amazon Prime Video

Change Country on Amazon Prime Video You can watch movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime Video. It has a lot of good movies and...