How To Keep Your iPhone 14 Battery Health At 100%

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One of the greatest concerns for smartphone users these days, particularly those who own iPhones, is how to keep their iPhone’s battery health at 100%. It’s a subject that comes up oftentimes, and it’s not tough to see why. Besides that, with our rising addiction to cell phones and their compelling features, battery health heading downhill can be a consequential nuisance and a basis of frustration for considerable users. As a consequence, people are continuously looking for advice on how they can augment their battery life span and retain their devices operating without a hitch.

In addition, for those individuals who occur to carry the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max, it’s worth commenting that these devices already boast impressive battery life. Without a doubt, Battery and Camera specs are the sole features that most smartphone shoppers prioritize when deciding on a new cell phone.

Though, the fact that over time all batteries will encounter a drop in their capacity to hold a charge, regardless of the sorta battery or device that utilizes it. The sole difference is that many users witness that their batteries appear to deteriorate at a quicker pace than others. Furthermore, this could happen due to a variety of causalities. For instance, usage habits, charging routines as well as environmental conditions as occasionally when you leave your phone in hot-temp environments, the battery gets quite warm and this ultimately makes your battery degrade quicker.

So, if you are someone who wants to their iPhone’s battery health at 100%, this article is just for you. We have gathered some of the general practices that Apple recommends along with some additional tips to help you keep your iPhone’s battery health at 100%.

#1. Keep your Apps Up-to-date

Apps that are not updated can negatively impact iPhone battery health. When the latest iOS update is released, developers require to update their apps to assure they run efficiently and adequately on the latest software. Besides that, outdated apps may operate inefficiently or execute operations in a manner that’s counterproductive on the present iOS software, which can induce battery drain.

Thus, it’s integral to keep them updated with the latest version. If you don’t have automatic updates turned on, you can just update all available apps manually by proceeding to the App Store, tapping on your profile icon, and lastly clicking the “Update All” option to commence the update procedure.

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#2. Optimize your iPhone’s Brightness & Wifi Settings

Another tip that Apple suggests is to optimize or adjust your settings. There are two ways that you can optimize your iPhone’s settings:

  • The foremost recommendation is to adjust the screen brightness, either by manually dimming the brightness or enabling the Auto-Brightness feature. By solely reducing the screen brightness, the device consumes less power, which in turn boosts the battery life. Users can access the Brightness slider by opening Control Center and dragging it to the bottom of the screen.
  • The second one suggests you employ Wi-Fi instead of a cellular network when accessing data. A Wi-Fi connection devours less power compared to a cellular network, which can assist to preserve the device’s battery life span. Besides that, users can readily turn on Wi-Fi by heading to Settings and then going to Wi-Fi to access a Wi-Fi network.

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#3. Turn On Low Power Mode on your iPhone

When your iPhone battery initiates to run low, you can utilize Low Power Mode to prolong its life span. This feature was foremost debuted with iOS 9 and is readily accessible. Your iPhone will inform you when the battery level descends to 20% or 10%, and you can turn on Low Power Mode with just one tap. Alternatively, you can furthermore enable it by proceeding to your Settings, from there select Battery to enable Low Power Mode.

Low Power Mode optimizes device performance by reducing display brightness, minimizing system animations, and disabling features like AirDrop, iCloud sync, and Continuity. Apps like Mail will furthermore stop downloading content in the background to conserve battery life. Nonetheless, you can still utilize essential functions like calls, text messages as well as the internet.

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#4. Disabling Background App Refresh on Your iPhone

The iOS operating system authorizes you to effortlessly supervise your iPhone’s battery life by delivering info about how much battery is being utilized by each app. You can simply access this information by proceeding to your iPhone Settings and then choosing Battery. There you will see the list of apps that exhibits how much the battery is being utilized by each app.

With the Background Activity list that shows how much each app is consuming the Battery when running in the background, you can improve battery life by turning off the feature that authorizes apps to refresh in the background. To do this, you require to head to the Settings. From there, select General and finally click on Background App Refresh and select Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi & Cellular Data, or Off to turn off Background App Refresh entirely. If the Mail app has Background Activity listed, you can manually fetch data which is the feasible option that will assist you to keep your iPhone’s battery health at 100%.

You can furthermore disable your location services if you see them running in the background. You can d this by going to Settings and then Privacy. From there, select Location Services. In that, you can see which apps use location services and has the toggle button next to them so you can easily disable those.

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Some Additional Tips To Help you keep your iPhone’s battery health at 100%

#1. Use Authentic Apple Charger to Charge Your iPhone

It is advisable to utilize Apple-certified chargers rather than third-party chargers, even if they may be more reasonable. This is because the use of third-party chargers may impact the battery health of your phone.

Besides that, these days all of us are so into fast charging and neglecting the fact that it induces our phone to warm up whenever we put it on a charge, though, at times it is the ideal option when we are getting late. Therefore, it is advised that you should utilize a 5W or 10W charger when you have additional time to charge your phone.

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#2. Use Wireless MagSafe Charger for Overnight Charging

As most people have a routine of charging their phones overnight, which can be hard to revise. Therefore, if someone is incapable to discourage this habit, it is suggested that you use a certified Apple MagSafe wireless charger. Furthermore, these wireless chargers are slower than wired chargers because they utilize a coil of wires to render electromagnetic fields. Nonetheless, utilizing a wireless charger can result in lower-temperature charging compared to wired chargers which will not make your phone heat up.

#3. Restart Your iPhone Daily

A fundamental troubleshooting step is to restart your device, whether it is an Apple-made or a third-party device. Restarting almost invariably assists in resolving issues with the device. While restarting may not wholly solve the problem of battery drain on your iPhone, it can certainly provide some improvement and it also helps if your iPhone is lagging due to any reason.

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#4. Avoid Draining your iPhone Completely

If you want to preserve the health of your iPhone’s battery, avoid draining it completely to 0%. Lithium batteries utilized in smartphones have a finite number of charging cycles, and every time the battery is authorized to entirely discharge, it uses up one of these cycles. This will result in a shorter general lifespan for your battery. To evade devouring too many charging cycles, it’s fair to retain your battery level between 20% and 80%. It’s a fine idea to let the battery fully charge and discharge occasionally to recalibrate the battery gauge, though don’t make it a routine exercise. Regularly draining or fully charging your battery to 100% can hasten the deterioration of its health.

That’s it! these are some ways and tips, you should apply in your daily life if you want to keep your iPhone’s battery health at 100% before it’s too late.

Frequently Asked Question

Can iPhone battery health go back to 100%?

Once your phone’s battery has lost its health, replacing it is the sole solution. The drop in battery capacity is connected to the battery’s chemical composition, and once it declines, there is no method to restore it to 100 percent. Though, if you are seeking to keep your iPhone’s battery health at 100%, pursue the tips mentioned in the guide.

How long does 100% battery health last in iPhone?

The longevity of your iPhone’s battery varies relying on its usage and capacity. A fresh battery with a 100% to 80% capacity can survive for up to 7 to 20 hours. If you are not utilizing it, it can actually last all day. Nonetheless, if you are playing games or watching seasons or movies on your iPhone, you will require to recharge it after approximately eight hours. Moreover, you will most probably witness a decline in battery performance after at least 2 years. With proper care and limited usage, an iPhone’s original battery can last up to five years. But, if the device is heavily used or constantly charged, it may require a battery replacement before the end of its typical lifespan.

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