6 Ways To Fix iPhone 14 Pro Max Battery Health Drop

GadgetsiPhones6 Ways To Fix iPhone 14 Pro Max Battery Health Drop

The amount of time your phone can operate before needing to be recharged is referred to as “battery life.” And the amount of time a battery lasts before needing to replace is known as “battery lifespan.” No matter which Apple products you own, by maximizing both, you’ll get the most out of them.

So, you must be wondering about the ways you can maximize your battery health or at least prevent it from draining so quickly. No need to wonder anymore! You’ve come to the right place if you notice a drop in the maximum capacity of your iPhone battery. In this article, I’ll provide you with several ways to sustain 100 percent iPhone battery health. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

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#1. Limit Background App Activity

The term “background activity” refers to an app’s usage of the battery while it was running in the background, while you were using another app. These applications can consume the battery on the iPhone 14 Pro Max since they are always looking for updates.
To optimize this issue, disabling Background App Refresh is the ideal solution. Choose Background App Refresh under General in your settings by clicking on General. Further, you can either choose to run it only over Wi-Fi or turn it off.

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#2. Turn off Mobile Data

To avoid a rapid battery drain, turn off 5G on your iPhone 14 Pro Max. Regardless of the speed benefit, the hardware needed to connect to 5G networks will use more power. Your smartphone can also be constantly looking for a signal due to the absence of 5G-capable towers. To help your iPhone 14 Pro last longer, we advise disabling 5G.

To turn off Data, head to Settings option on your iPhone 14 > Mobile Data option > tap on voice & data > Select LTE or 5g auto

Note: When your iPhone chooses the “5g auto” option, it will look for and connect to 5G networks if it estimates the effect on battery life will be minimal. The “LTE” or “4g” will discontinue trying to connect to 5G networks and stop looking for networks nearby, letting your iPhone’s battery last longer.

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#3. Restart your iPhone 14 Pro Max

One of the primary causes of the battery-draining-quickly problem with the iPhone 14 requires a new start. Restarting your iPhone 14 Pro Max is recommended to address the unusual battery drop before attempting any other solutions. The performance of your iPhone will significantly improve, and restarting it will probably resolve the battery drainage problem.

To restart your iPhone 14 Pro Max, you need to

  1. Press and Quicky release the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons respectively
  2. Then, press + hold the side button
  3. Release the side button when the apple logo appears

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#4. Disable Location Services

Without a doubt, the location services on the iPhone use a lot of power. This can be the cause of your iPhone 14’s battery dying more quickly. The background services will raise the temperature to an unhealthy level, hastening the battery consumption on your iPhone 14 by a significant amount. You need to enable your location for useful apps. Nevertheless, they continue to track your whereabouts even when you aren’t using the program. If you are facing a battery-draining problem, you should disable location services when not in use.

To disable your location services:

  1. On your Settings, locate Privacy
  2. then, you will see Location Services
  3. Toggle the button for Location Services if appears turned on
  4. Choose the applications that can utilize your location. And Choose the Never option to turn off your location for that particular app if it rarely uses your location for anything.

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#5. Keep your iPhone in Facedown Position

Incoming alerts don’t display while your iPhone is face down. This means that laying your phone face-down can significantly increase battery life while you’re spending hours at your desk without glancing at it. Of course, there are occasions when you’ll want to quickly check your notifications; in those circumstances, you can keep your phone facing up.

Since screens are one of the major power consumers, using this technique should result in longer battery life. However, it does need motion detection enabled in your settings. Whether it is face down or not, if it is off, your iPhone will turn on the screen.

To enable it: Go to your Settings > Then, click Privacy > select Motion Fitness. Finally, turn on Motion Tracking.

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#6. Turn on Optimized Battery Charging on your iPhone

Optimized Battery Charging aims to lessen stress on your battery and extend its longevity. When the feature activates, your iPhone may occasionally delay charging after 80%. For Optimized Battery Charging to turn on only when your iPhone anticipates being connected to a charger for a prolonged amount of time with the help of on-device machine learning to learn your regular charging routine. The system works to keep your iPhone fully charged even when unplugged.

This option is allowed by default, if it is not, you can turn it on by

  1. On your Settings
  2. Then, proceed to Battery
  3. On Battery Health & Charging
  4. Lastly, enable Optimized Battery Charging.

Additional Tips

There are many tips you can use to optimize or increase your battery life that recommends by most iPhone users. But, turning off every feature on the iPhone might not be the most effective technique to increase battery life, these suggestions should be used selectively, only after the ones listed above.

  1. Brightness low
  2. Turn off automatic app updates
  3. Avoid using Live or Dynamic wallpapers
  4. Disable motion effects.
  5. Keep Siri turned off completely
  6. Disable Vibration
  7. Turn off “Hey Siri” so the iPhone isn’t hearing and therefore, will not wake up

Final Thought

We sincerely hope that one of the suggestions in this post will work for you and assist you in resolving and preventing the battery drainage problem.

While these fixes can fix the problem, there could be a possibility that the battery may have been physically harmed. Therefore, if you think the battery has suffered any physical harm, you can take it to the closest Apple Service Center. In addition, you can hold off till the latest iOS update as it will likely fix your problem.

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