5 Ways To Fix Ventura Not Saving Printing Presets

PCMac5 Ways To Fix Ventura Not Saving Printing Presets

Frequently Printing on various papers or envelopes is a difficult task. Though everything is easy with Presets on Mac. Printer Presets (Print Job Preset, Custom Preset) can be created, modified, saved, reset, and deleted on a Mac. The Preset is very essential because the default print settings don’t produce the desired results. Besides, if you save them to your Mac, the presets provide consistency when printing PDFs, Pages, or envelopes.

But what happens if your printing presets stop saving on your system after you update to a new operating system? It will surely get quite frustrating. Recently, several users on the Apple forum, Reddit, and the specific printer vendor websites complaint that their Presets are not getting saved. Moreover, google searches are full of asking for fixes.

The primary goal of this article is to gather the most prominent issue faced by the majority of people regarding their presets not getting saved after upgrading to the latest OS, which is macOS Ventura, and provide them with workable solutions to make their printing convenient. Down Below we will mention some of the user’s queries that were frequently asked on the forums or websites and following those we will provide relatable fixes.

Case 1

One of the users commented that on his “HP LaserJet models” and “Canon ImageRunner Advance” the presets settings (such as the type of paper, specific paper trays, and the number of sets) are not getting saved. He started by saying that both Ventura and Monterey have this problem. Also, the last two Monterey updates did not resolve this bug.

For resolving this issue, he tried restarting and removing the custom resets plist, which turned out to be a failure. He further said that with Ventura, the system settings get worse as you need to scroll down and open multiple menus to set everything again and again as it is not getting saved, so it gets frustrating for him.

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Case 2.

Another similar case was posted on the Apple forum where the user specifically mentioned that his paper tray (e.g. tray 2 on his printer with multiple trays) is not saved in the printing presets. Moreover, setting everything manually is extremely inconvenient.

Most cases were similar to the two mentioned above. Since people have upgraded to Ventura, they have been waiting for the updates to fix this bug.

Because Apple has not come up with an update that seems to resolve this issue for its users. So for now, we have gathered a list of possible fixes that you can try and see if it works out for you.

So before directly moving forward to apply fixes, we suggest you follow the steps below on how you can Create and Save Preset On your Mac to make sure you are not making a mistake in the initial process.

To Create and Save your Preset as a Print Job Preset or Custom Preset

Despite numerous attempts, the print preset did not save after all. Check to make sure you are following the right instructions precisely before you attempt to save a preset. So before directly moving forward to apply fixes, we recommend you follow the steps below on how you can Create and Save Preset On your Mac.

There are two types of presets you can create:

1. To Create a Print Job Preset:

You must first set all desired print settings before saving them as a preset to create a print job preset. Further, these settings can be found in the Presets menu’s Print Job Preset section. Keep in mind, only one print job preset is selected in one go.

2. To Create a Custom Preset:

Select a print job preset for creating a custom preset. Decide the parameters you want to change, then save your selections as a custom preset. In the Presets section of the Presets pop-up window, you can select custom presets.
Further, you can make specific adjustments to print job presets using custom presets.

Fix Ventura Not Saving Printing Presets

To Save your Preset as a Print Job Preset or Custom Preset

  1. Open a document on your Mac, select the file, and then print
  2. Now, select any settings you desire to save as a preset
  3. Choose Save Current Settings as Preset after you click on the Presets pop-up menu
  4. Follow the steps to save a print job or custom preset:
    Preset Name: Jot down the Preset Name
    Available for: Choose the printer name to create a preset for that particular printer, or click “All printers” to make the preset applicable to all printers.
    Type: To save the settings as a custom preset to be used with a print job preset, click Custom Preset. Alternatively, click Print Job Preset to save the settings as a general print job preset.
  5. Finally, you have saved all your settings.

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Fixes You can Try to Resolve the “Ventura Not Saving Printing Presets” issue

Now, after cross-checking with the above-mentioned Preset saving steps. You can move forward to the fixes to resolve the “Ventura Not Saving Printing Presets” bug on your system.

The following fixes are what people suggested on the Apple forum and the vendor’s forums

Fix 1: Manually Select/Deselect Options every time you Print

Yes, we know, it is annoying to manually select each option when you have a preset option. But, as Apple has not come up with a fix for it you have to manually select copies, print range, and all other settings individually each time you want a printout.

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Fix 2: Reset or Delete your Printing Presets

Reset the printing system if you are unable to save your preset print settings. With this resetting process, all printers in your list of printers, all completed print jobs, and all printer presets will be deleted so you can start fresh for saving presets. Below are some steps you should follow to delete your printing presets:

  1. First, you need to go to Finder. Then click on Go, and after that tap on Go to Folder
  2. After that, type the following path ~/Library/Preferences/
  3. Then, on the search option, jot down Print in the Finder. There you will see a list present under Preferences of all preset files
  4. Now, right-click on them and select Move to Trash
  5. Find com.apple.print.custompresets.forprinter by searching from the result. You’ll receive the plist.lockfile..plist file, too. Placing both folders in the bin, and lastly, Starting the system again.

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Fix 3: Uninstall Vendor Software, Reboot, and Reinstall the Printer Driver

This method suggests by one of the users who was facing the same issue with his system as well. This method seemed to work for him as this method removes the printer from system preferences and uninstalls its drivers completely so you can reinstall it again and give your system a fresh start.

For this method, you require to follow Fix 2(Reset or Delete your Printing Presets if you haven’t) and then Uninstall printer drivers. To uninstall, follow the easy steps provided below:

  1. First, install the CleanMyMac X tool
    Note: Several modules in CleanMyMac X can help you clean up your Mac and keep it operational. Most applications, including printer drivers, can uninstall using its Uninstaller module.
  2. After launching it, select Uninstaller located in the sidebar
  3. In the search box, jot down the name of your Printer
  4. After you locate drivers that appeared on the right side of the window, just check on the desired boxes to select it
  5. Finally, click Uninstall

Now, restart your Mac as you would normally do by clicking the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen. from the dropdown menu, choose Restart. After a few minutes, your computer will automatically shut down and restart.

More importantly, this problem will fix this issue if it is causing due to the vendor drivers and not the Ventura operating system.

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Fix 4: Make sure you have the latest Printer software

Make sure that you are using the most recent version of the printer’s software (also called its printer driver). Also, keep a check that you and the person with whom you are sharing the printer are both running the same printer software version.

In addition, most printers operate with macOS. When you add a printer, macOS immediately downloads the printer’s software or connects to the device using AirPrint.

 To find out which version of printer software you’re using

  1. Select the Apple menu, then System Settings > Printers & Scanners
  2. Select Printers from the printer’s list. Then, click on option & supplies. From there, check the Driver Version

Make sure you have the most recent version of the printer’s software whether you’re using a network printer or a printer connected to your Mac. Try a new printer software version if your issues persist.

If you’re using a printer that enables AirPrint, contact the manufacturer to see if there are any updates available for your printer model.

Fix 5: For Xerox Printers

At the Xerox customer support forum, a member suggested the following fix for the mentioned problem. So, by doing this, you should be able to prevent repeatedly changing the Xerox Features section on the Mac print window. Follow the method given below

  1. You could attempt configuring defaults in CUPS (http://localhost:631).
  2. Click on the printers header, and if the warning “Disabled” appears,
  3. Copy the text inside the quotations, open Terminal, paste it there, and then press Enter. You should get a list of all installed printers if you refresh the CUPS warning page.
  4. Select the appropriate printer by clicking the link.
  5. Select Set Default Options by clicking the administrative drop-down menu on the following screen (Subcategories can adjust to suit your needs by navigating them)
  6. Before moving on to the next category, you must apply changes at the bottom of each one. When you apply modifications for the first time, a login and password will require ( Your Mac’s username and password).

Final Verdict

To sum up, all the maximum possibilities of fixing the “Ventura Not Saving Printing Presets” mentioned above. We hope that this post guides you to fix this issue. Nonetheless, if you have a better solution to this issue, use the comments section.

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