Say Goodbye To Stock Photos: Canva Text to Image AI

AISay Goodbye To Stock Photos: Canva Text to Image AI

As the world of technology resumes to evolve, companies are continually on the lookout for innovative ways to dwell ahead of the game. And when it comes to artificial intelligence, two names are making waves: ChatGPT and DALL-E. With that, the world of art got a lot more fascinating thanks to AI image generators! With just a few phrases of text, you can directly produce mesmerizing and thought-provoking art that will leave people in awe. Hence, gone are the days when content creation was reserved for the elite few with special skills and knowledge. Now, anyone with an idea and a keyboard can create stunning visuals that captivate and inspire.

Initially, text-to-image technology was restricted to a few specialized tech projects like DALL-E 2, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion. Nonetheless, technology has now become more widely available and mainstream. Taking motivation from these AI powerhouses, Canva has launched its own set of AI features that are insured to take your creativity to the next level.

According to users personal experiences, the tool has been utilized for diverse pursuits such as visualizing stories for English class and producing images for presentations, flyers, and T-shirts that can be printed through Canva. This feature is just one example of text-to-image AI tools acquiring wider popularity.

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The Battle for AI Dominance

Canva’s decision to comprise generative AI into its design tools is part of a growing movement in the industry. As diverse companies compete to integrate AI capabilities in their office and design software.

Further, the open-source implementation of Stable Diffusion has authorized the unrestricted integration of the technology into other products, which has accelerated its adoption. Also, Text-to-image is quickly evolving as a typical feature in creative platforms. As witnessed with the recent launch of Microsoft Designer, powered by OpenAI’s DALL-E system, as part of its Office suite.

With that, Adobe recently introduced Firefly, which also features generative AI tools, just one day before Canva Create. In addition, Microsoft has previewed new AI tools that will include in its 365 apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. At the same time, Google has hinted through a blog post that they plan to integrate AI into their Workspace apps.

This highlights the intense competition among prominent players in the tech industry to integrate AI technology into their products to remain competitive. And fulfill the increasing demand for advanced AI capabilities in the market.

As AI is increasingly utilized in the creative industry, concerns have grown about its likely ethical implications. Some artists, including Andersen and Ortiz, have filed a class-action lawsuit against image-generating AI models like DreamUp, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion, proclaiming that their works are being used without their consent as training data, leading to the devaluation of their work. These artists believe that they should have a say in how their art is used in the creation of AI-generated images.

Canva, however, maintains that its AI tools are intended to assist human creativity, not supersede it. It is important to consider and address the potential ethical implications of AI use in the creative industry.

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So, what is Canva’s Text to Image AI?

Canva’s Text to Image AI is a powerful tool that authorizes users to create stunning visuals without any design skills. The AI image generator remains built on open-source technology provided by Stable Diffusion, and it allows you to turn any text prompt or description into a beautiful image.

With Canva’s Text to Image AI, you can bring your conceptions to life in a matter of seconds. Whether you’re visualizing a product, sketching out a creative concept, or pushing the limits of what’s possible, Canva has got you covered. Simply type in your text prompt and watch as your words and phrases transform into a gorgeous picture that you can utilize for any of your creative projects.

The app takes your text prompt and uses artificial intelligence to create an AI image that perfectly captures your idea. And the best part? Canva users can access this amazing feature with all plans, including the free one! So, if you want to create stunning visuals without any design skills, give Canva’s Text-to-Image AI a try.

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Canva Photo Editing Feature

1. Produce images from the text

Bring your product or idea to life by transforming text into stunning images that captivate your audience’s imagination. Explore new horizons and push boundaries with your creative concepts.

2. Image Style

To create something truly unique and captivating, Canva’s AI-generated image styles present a multifarious scope of possibilities to help locate the perfect match for your vision. With styles such as Watercolor, Filmic, Neon, Color Pencil, and Retrowave, one can probe new horizons and push the boundaries of your creativity.

3. Magic Edit

Magic Edit is a tool that allows you to make precise adjustments to your images. Simply select the area where you want to add or replace something and describe your vision in natural language. The tool analyzes the image and generates options based on your description which you can choose from to watch the change appear in the image. Magic Edit saves time and reduces the need for manual editing. Thus making it an easy and powerful tool for professional designers and personal image enhancers.

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4. Magic Eraser

Canva Pro offers an effortless way to remove unwanted objects from photos using the Magic Eraser tool. Users can furthermore seamlessly add or replace objects in their images with the Magic Edit feature. The photo editor also allows for cropping, rotating, resizing, adjusting color and texture, adding filters and effects, and customizing with templates, stickers, icons, text, frames, and more from the elements library.

5. Photo effects & filters

With Canva’s various photo editing features, users can apply filters such as “Rosie” and “Retro” for soft or vintage looks. The “blur slider” can be utilized to soften the edges of photos, and users can furthermore convert their images to black and white or adjust saturation and tint. Canva offers free photo effects such as Auto Enhance and Smartmockups, and users can play with fun and artsy effects like Duotone and Style Transfer to create unique images.

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6. Canva’s AI-Powered “Translate”

Canva has integrated an AI-powered online translator called “Translate” into its platform. This feature makes the task of translating designs easier and less time-consuming, allowing users to magically transform up to 50 pages of their designs each month. Canva Pro and Teams subscribers can translate up to 500 pages per month. This feature is available for use in any Canva design, except for Canva Docs. It is crucial in the current era of globalization and international business expansion as we like to create content in multiple languages.

Along with these features, Canva allows users to access their work from any device and autosaves their progress. It also offers easy sharing and exporting options, cloud storage with 5GB free or unlimited storage with Canva Pro, and real-time collaboration. And a content planner feature for social media scheduling (available with Canva Pro).

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Who Should Benefit from Canva Text-to-Image AI?

1. Content Creators

Canva provides content creators with an easy-to-use platform to produce visually captivating content to grow their audience. Moreover, with an expansive library of templates, customizable graphics, and tools like Magic Eraser and Magic Edit. Creators can yield content that stands out and is tailored to their unique style.

2. Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs can use Canva to generate captivating branding materials in a cost-efficient way. Also, with Canva’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Entrepreneurs can create professional-looking designs for logos, business cards, flyers, and other marketing materials without the need for a graphic designer.

3. Budding Artists

Canva is a platform where budding artists can experiment and get inspiration while venturing into a creative project. Further, with its extensive library of templates, customizable illustrations, and editing tools, artists can create unique and visually gorgeous designs that showcase their inventiveness.

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How Can You Create Stunning Visuals with Canva’s Text-to-Image Tool?

To begin, accessing the Text-to-Image App requires being a Canva user. Therefore, you must create an account and sign in to access the technology. Once logged in, if you have initiated a “New Project.” You can tap the Text-to-Image app icon located in the sidebar.

Text-to-image icon
Text-to-image icon

After clicking on the Text to Image option you need to utilize the text-to-image tool effectively. You must jot down a detailed and imaginative description of the desired image. The more vivid and elaborate your text prompt, the more accurately the tool will generate the corresponding image.

For instance, let’s enter the prompt that says: An image of a cozy fireplace with a large, bright fire in a stone or brick fireplace, adorned with candles and pine cones on a wooden mantle. The dimly lit room should evoke warmth and comfort.

Enter your prompt
Enter your prompt

After typing your prompt, you require to click Create your image option. Also, in the above illustration, notice the option of Styles, you can choose different styles such as Filmic Dreamlike, watercolor, Neon, etc. For my picture, I have selected Filmic.

Later, after a short moment, four generated images will appear.

Say Goodbye to Stock Photos: Canva's Text to Image AI, How Can You Create Stunning Visuals with Canva's Text-to-Image Tool, AI-Generated Results
AI-Generated Results

Now, select the one that suits your preference. And utilize Canva’s photo editing tool to further refine the image according to your liking by furthermore adding filters & elements from Library.

Once you have generated your AI-created images, you can download them for use in other Canva projects. Or share them directly on your online platforms via Canva’s built-in sharing functionality.

That’s it! Canva’s Text to Image generation tool makes it simple and accessible for anyone to create high-quality images without any prior design experience. With a vast library of templates, graphics, and customization options, Canva enables users to produce stunning visuals quickly and easily.

Pricing and Plans of Canva

Canva is a versatile design platform that offers a range of features and plans to suit different needs. One thing that sets Canva apart is that even the free basic plan comprises access to the innovative text-to-image tool. This allows users to generate high-quality images using their text.

However, for those looking for more advanced features and tools, Canva offers two paid subscription plans: Pro and Teams. The Pro plan, which costs $119.99 per year, delivers users with additional storage. And access to tools such as the Magic Resize Tool and Background Remover Tool. It furthermore gives users access to millions of stock photos and images, as well as hundreds of thousands of additional templates, fonts, designs, and layouts.

For teams looking to collaborate on design projects, the Canva Teams plan is a prominent option. Further, this plan is priced based on the number of users, with a minimum team count of five and a cost of $149.99 per year. The team’s plan offers even more premium and exclusive content than the Pro plan. Thus making it immaculate for businesses or organizations that require high-quality, professional-grade designs. With Canva Teams, team members can easily share designs, collaborate on projects, and work together seamlessly.


In conclusion, Canva’s text-to-image tool is a game-changer for designers and content creators who are tired of depending on stock photos. With this innovative AI-powered tool, users can effortlessly generate exceptional and high-quality images using their text. Further, Canva has a plan that can meet your design needs and help you create stunning visuals that stand out from the crowd. Say goodbye to boring stock photos and hello to a new era of creative design with Canva’s text-to-image AI.

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