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Macbook apps take storage

Macbook Apps Taking Too Much Storage

High-resolution video, images, music, and other vital things like Macbook apps take storage space these days, compared to the days when our computers had...

17 Best Ways To Enhance Battery In MacBook M1

When it comes to Apple's MacBook portfolio, last year was a turning point. Apple enhance battery in MacBook M1. An in-house M1 chipset was installed...
Photos disappeared from Mac

Photos Disappeared From Mac: Fixed

Photos disappeared from Mac can be aggravating for Mac users. As technology advances, most individuals abandon retaining actual images in their life in favor...
Macbook not charging

Macbook Not Charging After Installing 12.4: Issue Fixed

If your Macbook not charging at all or does not display the charging status after upgrading to macOS Monterey, you are not alone. According...

15 Little-Known Mac Secrets To Transform Your MacBook

This Guide will explain Mac secrets to transform your MacBook 2022. So, Whether you're new to Macs or have been a long-time user, there...
Recover Your WhatsApp Chat

4 Techniques To Fix No Audio On WhatsApp Desktop On Macbook Air

WhatsApp has a Windows and Mac desktop application. While the WhatsApp Web browser extension does not offer audio or video calls, the desktop client...

How To Fix MacBook Making Crackling Noise Issue

MacBook making crackling noise when you're watching a movie or listening to new music might be one of the most irritating things to hear. Stuttering...
MacBook screen stuck on Finder

MacBook Screen Stuck On Finder? Try These Fixes

The Finder is the first thing that appears on a Mac after booting, and it allows you to access files, directories, and apps. Occasionally,...
Frozen Macbook or Mac

Frozen Macbook Or Mac: Fixed

If you have Macbook Pro or Air, it may be having the best performance machine available. But Frozen Macbook or Mac can cause problems. Although...

17 MacBook Pro Tricks You Should Know

MacBook Pro must know tips are covered in this article. The MacBook Pros are professional devices. Now that Apple has improved the power and...