9 Popular Korean Drama Series To Watch In November 2022

Entertainment9 Popular Korean Drama Series To Watch In November 2022

Korean drama series have been enjoying lots of success in a previous couple of years. The ratings for the K-drama Hellbound and the survival show Squid Game raised. And Korean dramas don’t seem to be slowing down, given that more and more people are hooking to the K-drama fever because of the genre’s innovative plotlines, superb acting, and thought-provoking cases.

Good news for K-drama lovers, the slate of K-dramas for November 2022 already seems promising. Everyone can relish entertainment, from swoon-inducing romantic humor to gripping thrillers. Here, we look at a few of the engrossing K-dramas and Korean series you should see this November.

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#1. Lookism

Release Date: 4 November

Korean Drama
Image Source: Netflix

Lookism is the most delinquent product from Studio Mir, adapted from the South Korean webtoon of the exact name. Lookism is an animated K-drama series that debuted in 2014. According to The Korea Times, this series is the first creation from WEBTOON, the world’s most renowned digital comics medium, to be adapted for an original Netflix animation series.

#2. The Fabulous

Release Date: 4 November

Korean Drama
Image Source: Netflix

The South Korean fashion industry is fiercely competitive, and The Fabulous will chronicle the friendships, romances, and difficulties of individuals who perform there. In the next series, Ji Woo-min, a free-lance picture editor, is played by Minho. He’s good at work, yet he doesn’t appear to care much about it.

I’m Not A Robot actor Chae Soo-bin will play Pyo Ji-Eun, a luxury brand’s public relations manager whose lifetime ambition was to work in the fashion sector. Amid their demanding, hectic workplace, the duo quickly start dating, which presents a brand-new difficulty.

 #3. Behind Every Star

Release Date: 7 November

Korean Drama
Image Source: Netflix

The next Netflix series is based on the French comedy-drama “Call My Agent”. The Korean spin-off, starring Joo Hyun-young and Kwak Sun-young, observes the events at a talent agency as agents try to maintain the satisfaction of their celebrity clients while juggling office politics and prominent personalities.

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#4. Do Revenge 

Release Date: 9 November

Korean Drama
Image Source: Netflix

In this teen revenge thriller, chan-mi (Shin Ye-Eun) recreates a high school student sobbing over her twin brother’s mysterious death. She rehearses her shooting techniques after formerly being a member of the school’s shooting squad as she gets ready to exact revenge and look for answers concerning her brother’s death.

Ji Soo-heon, who exacts vigilante payback on bullies on behalf of their targets, crosses paths with Chan-mi in her quest for the truth. The enigmatic Soo-heon provokes chan-mi to turn around before it’s too late as she approaches the scary truth.

#5. Reborn Rich

Release date: 18 November

Korean Drama
Image Source: Rakuten Wiki

The upcoming series, which will be broadcast on South Korea’s JTBC network and made available on different streaming services, stars Song Joong Ki as Hyun-woo, a secretary in charge of risk management for a Korean conglomerate family who the family’s youngest child has murdered. Song Joong Ki is well-known for playing the lead role in Netflix’s “Descendents of the Sun”.

Later, he discovers that he has been reincarnated into the body of the family’s youngest son, and a terrifying revenge scheme begins to take shape as he tries to take control of the vast family business empire.

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#6. Somebody

Release date: 18 November

Korean Drama

On Your Wedding Day’s Kim Young-Kwang and rookie Kang Hae-Lim will appear in a new thriller series on Netflix. Kang depicts a young lady named Sum, a socially discomfiting developer for the social networking app Somebody.

After a murderer begins using the app to meet and brutally murder people, Sum is brought into police investigations. At the same time, she bonds with the enigmatic architect Yoon-o via an app. Sum eventually develops a passionate romantic relationship with Yoon-o even though it is clear that he is hiding a wicked secret.

#7. Please Send A Fan Letter

Release Date: 26 November

Korean Drama
Image Source: Soompi

Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung portrays prominent actress Han Kang-hee in the series “Please Send A Fan Letter”. Yoon Park, who formerly starred in Forecasting Love and Weather, plays Bang Jung-Seok, a single father whose ill daughter longs to hear from her favorite actress, Han.

Jung-Seok stamps a letter from Han to his daughter to fulfill his daughter’s wish. The letter causes the most significant crisis of Han’s career after a major mix-up, which brings the actress in contact with the father-daughter pair.

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#8. Unlock The Boss

Release Date: 30 November

Korean Drama
Image Source: HanCinema

Unlock The Boss is a puzzle sci-fi series based on the South Korean webtoon of the same name by Park Seong-Hyun. This Korean drama series centers on a jobless immature guy named Park In-sung, who picks up a mysterious smartphone that can speak and give commands.

After Sun-untimely Joo’s passing, the device turns revealed to be possessed by the soul of the brilliant CEO (Park Sung-Woong). In-sung and Sun-Joo try to unravel the mystery of the CEO’s passing together. Actress Seo Eun-soo will recreate Jeong Se-Yeon, a secretary who aids their inquiry, in the television series. 

#9. I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

Release Date: November

Korean Drama
Image Source: Soompi

Lee Yeo-reum, played by AOA’s Seolhyun, struggles to get through one of the most challenging moments of her life when her mother passes away shortly after Yeo-reum gets ditched by her lover. She escapes the busy city life behind and tours a remote town to deal with her loss.

Yeo-reum meets Ahn Dae-beom (I’m Si-wan), a quiet but intelligent librarian in the beach village of Angok when she first arrives. The two start to feel connected as they both struggle with their respective terrible pasts.

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Wrapping Up

These are some of the most hyped-up Korean Drama series that you cannot afford to miss in the upcoming November month. If you have any other suggestions, mention it in the comments below. 

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