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Voice Memos on iPhone and iPad

How To Edit And Enhance Voice Memos on iPhone and iPad

The Voice Memos app has been a part of iOS since the iPhone's inception, and it allows you to record small voice notes and...
Apple Watch Not Tracking

Unable To Unlock Mac With Apple Watch? Try These Fixes

When the Apple Watch is close to the Mac, it includes a wonderful feature that allows users to immediately unlock their Macs. Many Apple...
Use Emoji As Apple ID Picture

How To Use Emoji As Apple ID Picture

Using Memoji as your Apple ID profile image is amusing, and it allows you the option of hiding your true face. This change to...

How To Clone Windows 11 To SSD?

This article will make you learn how to clone Windows 11 to SSD without having to reinstall Operating System and prevent data loss. To...

How To Set Up The Amazon Echo Dot?

Purchasing a smart home gadget is one of the most effective methods to automate your house. It enables you to remotely manage and control...

How To Change Apple Pencil Tip?

On your iPad and iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil allows you to virtually draw, write, and depict whatever you choose. Although the Pencil, unlike its...

How To Fix Apple Mouse Not Working

The Apple Magic Mouse and the Magic Trackpad are the two pointing devices that Apple sells. The difference between the two generations of Magic...
Microsoft-Teams-Won't-Open- On-Mac

How To Fix Microsoft Teams Won’t Open On Mac

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform that allows users to host meetings, conferences, events, and even formal education. Most operating systems, including Windows, Mac...
windows 11 start menu

How To Change Windows 11 Start Menu

If the first thing you looked for when you upgraded your windows was the start menu and you didn't like it. Then this article...

How To Fix iPhone 13 Stuck In Headphone Mode

Is your iPhone 13 is stuck in stuck in Headphone mode? If your answer is yes, then here is a list of solutions that...