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How To Use iOS 15’s Built-in Password Authenticator On iPhone And iPad

Until iOS 14, Apple users counted on third-party 2FA apps such as Google Authenticator and Authy to generated 2FA codes. With iOS 15, Apple...

How iPhone’s Live Text OCR Works In iOS 15

Sometimes you are stuck with lots of frozen text in form of PDFs or images. You cannot search or edit the text and the...
The New iPad Pro Review

How To Screen Record On Your iPad

Apple’s iPad is the number one choice of all professionals out there. It has a long list of productivity apps such as QuickNotes or...

Best 5 Mobile Apps for Sharing Large Files Instantly

Did you know that Gmail only allows attachment of 25MB size? Yes, you cannot send that large document that you have been working on...

How To Print From Your iPad (With And Without AirPrint)

Apple iPad is an evergreen mobile tablet used by millions of users across the world for several activities varying from communication and entertainment to...

How To Enable Mail Privacy Protection In iOS 15 On iPhone

Nowadays, it is absolutely essential to keep your data secure and private from hoarders. Marketing companies smartly use email marketing platforms to send out...

5 Best iCloud Photos Alternatives For iPhone And iPad

The search for an alternative of iCloud photos to store and organize your photos has been increased since Apple has announced the iCloud Photo...

How To Play YouTube In The Background On Android And iOS

YouTube is the largest streaming platform in the world with content ranging from tutorials, DIY, TV shows, and the latest music videos. I personally...

How To Use Apple Translate App On iPhone: iOS15

In iOS 14, Apple introduced the Translate app with the voice translation feature that could translate text and voice commands. So even when your...

How To Change Date And Time In Windows 11

Microsoft is set to introduce a lot of features through its upcoming Windows 11 which will surely have a lot of changes that its...

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