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A tech enthusiast with a Post Graduate degree in Computer Applications, trying to make technology less complicated for novice users.
WindowServer crashing macOS Ventura

[Fixed] WindowServer Crashing After Upgrading To macOS Ventura

Scroll down and check out the fixes for resolving the WindowServer crashing after upgrading to the macOS Ventura issue. On the device, every activity is...
GPS Trackers

5 Best GPS Trackers For Your Vehicle

In this roundup, we have curated some of the best GPS trackers from Amazon that comes in handy to track the location of your...
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Dev Error 6036

How To Fix Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Dev Error 6036

Even though Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 had a sizable budget, it still had bugs and errors. For instance, players of Call of...
Yellowstone season 5

All About Yellowstone Season 5

Prepare for romance, family strife, deception, bloodshed, and betrayal in Yellowstone Season 5, a Montana-based online series that stars the Dutton family. “Yellowstone” was the...
System Settings in macOS Ventura

Everything About The New System Settings In macOS Ventura

Apple introduced a brand-new app called System Settings in place of the well-known System Preferences app in macOS Ventura. Long-time Mac users may initially...
Top YouTube Songs

20 Top Most Played Songs on YouTube

Below is the list of the 20 YouTube songs that have received the most views on the social media platform. One of the most accurate...
spotlight search in macOS Ventura

Search For Images On The Web Via Spotlight In macOS Ventura 

In this comprehensive guide, we have explained how to Search for Images on the Web Via Spotlight in macOS Ventura. Spotlight is a great place...
clean your gadgets

How To Clean Your Gadgets?

In this guide, we have listed the step-by-step process of cleaning your gadgets to keep them in a good condition.  Electronic devices, like laptops, smartphones,...
Disney+ movies

10 Most Popular Movies On Disney+

Disney+ has many great movies to stream; finding them isn't difficult. It might be challenging to decide what to start playing, though, when so...
Compress video on iPhone and Android

How To Compress Video On iPhone And Android?

In this guide, we will explain the steps to compress videos on iPhone and Android without affecting the video quality. The iPhone, Google Pixel, and...