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12 Tips To Keep Your iPhone Safe From Unknown Threats

12 Tips To Keep Your iPhone Safe From Unknown Threats

Let's talk about some of the tips that are game-changers in terms of safety, privacy, and security. The new iOS 16 brings many excellent...
Photos app in macOS

What To Do If You Can’t Transfer Photos From iphone To PC

Importing images from an iPhone to a computer can be a pain if you're attempting to free up space on your phone or switch...
Edit iMessages

Edit iMessages:How iOS 16 iPhone Feature Works

If you possess an iPhone, have you updated to iOS 16? Anyone with a supported device can download and install the update, which unlocks...
Unsend email with iPhone

Unsend Email With iPhone: How To Fix Misfires In Mail On iOS 16

When you send an email, most programmes provide you with a little window of time to change your mind and prevent it from being...
Common ios 16 issues

12 Common iOS 16 Issues And How To Fix Them

The latest iOS 16 is offering deep personalization, seamless sharing, and communication features for iPhone 8 & above. Every year, Apple adds new features...
Apps on Older iPhones

5 Ways To Install Unsupported Apps On Older iPhones

The expanding technology is leading to a particularly Fear of missing out (FOMO) that's established in people all around the world. This fear is...

15 Apps That Only Work On iPhone

There are many advantages to buying a new iPhone. One major factor you should consider is the exclusive range of applications that you can...
custom iPhone ringtone

How To Make Custom iPhone Ringtone In iOS 15

Here's how to add a custom iPhone ringtone because the stock ringtone on your iPhone is hard to hear in public or you're just...
Everyone wants to have professional photographs. Here in this article we have mentioned methods to Blur a Photo on iPhone.

5 Ways To Blur A Photo On iPhone

Despite the fact that professional photographers prefer DSLR cameras, you can Blur a Photo on iPhone or Android device and can take beautiful pictures like...
App Store Missing

App Store Missing On iPhone: 8 Ways To Fix It

You've used the App Store if you've ever loaded third-party apps on your iPhone. Because Apple doesn't allow side-loading software on the iPhone for...