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Those who have an iOS device nowadays almost probably listen to music for a number of hours each week. I can’t go more than 24 hours without hearing them. If you can’t listen to music online at all times, it’s fantastic that there are apps that let you download songs offline.
A persistent internet connection is required to use music streaming apps like Spotify, notwithstanding their usefulness (or a paid account to download it). It would be great if you have some music apps downloaded and ready to go for situations like this.
The most practical and inexpensive solution is to install a suite of apps on your preferred iOS device that can do this for you, allowing you to listen to your favourite music even when you’re not online.
There are a plethora of choices if you look for them in the App Store now. However, we have saved you the trouble of sorting through them all by choosing only the finest examples. Have a look at them in the citations.

1. Tidal

download music on iPhone

Tidal is an essential iPhone music downloader that you simply must use. It’s a fantastic music streaming service. Discovering the music you’re looking for has never been simpler than with this app. Music can be downloaded and listened to offline. If you have an iPhone, you can store up to 40 million songs on it and listen to them without an internet connection. It’s a fantastic app that meets the needs of music fans in every possible way. Grab it now and prepare to have a fantastic musical experience.

2. Total files

download music on iPhone

The iPhone is compatible with any kind of media thanks to Total Files, a browser. You can choose to save your files in any of your preferred cloud services, as it is compatible with the most popular ones like Dropbox and Google Drive. You can use this browser to look up songs and then download them.
Obtaining access to the music file is the primary concern here. Due to browser data encryption, no one else can view your download history without your explicit permission. Total Files syncs with the cloud services you already use, so you may store your music there.
The browser interface in Total Files is one of its most notable features because it is both extremely user-friendly and easy to grasp, especially for those with no prior computer experience. It also gives you the option to encrypt the folders you make.

3. Zvooq

For those who would rather not use iTunes, the question “how can I download music on the iPhone?” frequently arises. The solution can be found in this programme. This app lets you store music on your iOS device for offline listening.
Zvooq is a fantastic software for music enthusiasts. Using this software, you can legally download and listen to music from an extremely wide variety of genres and musical styles. There are about 15 million songs in the library alone.
They are all well organised, and you may get the ones you want to listen to offline by downloading them. The downloaded music can be used to make playlists, shared with friends, “liked,” and so on.

In addition, it’s worth praising the program’s creators for their dedication to providing fascinating music playlists for users on a regular basis. There’s also a recommendation section in the software where you’re bound to find something interesting to listen to.
Very sleek and modern in appearance, the app’s user-friendliness and good looks are immediately apparent. Here, listeners may choose from a number of pre-curated playlists featuring today’s and yesterday’s top hits as well as classic tracks from across the decades.

4. Audiomack – Get the Latest Soundtracks

download music on iPhone

This programme, like many others with the term “download” in the title, really allows you to stream music and store your favourite tracks locally for offline listening. This app’s notable feature, though, is that it’s free.
So, if you go with the free plan, you’ll have to put up with the commercials. You’ll have to pay a small fee to cancel the membership if you decide you no longer want it. However many songs are hidden away in Audiomack’s depths remains a mystery, but be assured that you’ll be able to find every single one of your favourite artists and their songs.
In addition, the app’s interface is straightforward: after installation, you sign up for an account and are sent to the home screen, where you can listen to newly released and popular songs, as well as perform advanced searches for certain artists, albums, and styles of music. Start a music collection. Your phone’s cache is where you’ll be able to keep the songs for later listening.

5. Spotify

Spotify is currently among the most well-known streaming services. It has the best music discovery engine, so you can always find something new to listen to. Spotify, in large part because of its discovery engine, is among the best music-downloading programmes available. In addition, Spotify has made it simple to make, distribute, and incorporate playlists into other works.
Spotify contains music for everyone, no matter what they want to listen to. If you subscribe to Spotify’s Premium service, you can take your whole music library with you offline. However, if you stop paying for Spotify Premium, you will no longer have access to these tracks even though they are currently unavailable.

6. Deezer

download music on iPhone

The incredibly popular Deezer should also get some love here. Its features are strikingly comparable to those of Spotify, and it has a similarly effective algorithm for suggesting music that is similar to the tracks you’re now listening to and to the ones you generally listen to. New radios and playlists are suggested by the app based on your preferences.
Deezer offers a free version that includes all of these features as well as a premium version that costs money. The premium version’s benefits include ad-free listening, the option to download songs for offline listening, and unlimited skipping.

7. Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music is still maturing as a top music streaming service, but it already has millions of customers all around the globe. If you’re a paying subscriber, you can use the app to download tracks to listen to whenever you’re not connected to the internet.
Connected to the internet, you can stream millions of music without worrying about filling up your device’s memory. And here’s the best part: you can give it a try risk-free for an entire month.

8. Cloud Music Player – Listener

download music on iPhone

When it comes to streaming your music collection from the cloud, there are no restrictions. Since the iPhone lacks a native player for such content, you can use this one, Listener. It’s a super-convenient music player that supports all file types and can quickly access your music via the cloud.
The player is user-friendly in that it allows you to swiftly choose between music sources, downloaded songs, a review of all the songs that those services have, and a view of your customised playlists. Wi-Fi transfer can also be used to download music.

9. MusiC ‣ Play Unlimited Musi.C

While this app isn’t very flashy or large, it does what you came here for—namely, letting you load up your iPhone with tunes. This software does not even require you to sign up for an account. Once you open it, you may begin looking for music instantly.
You may also tune in to the radio and hear some unfamiliar songs for yourself. You may immediately access everything you find by downloading it from the app. The music isn’t really downloaded in the app; rather, it’s stored on Dropbox.
In addition, this music player will let you play the downloaded songs on your iPhone after you’ve transferred them there, whereas iTunes will not. The fact that the music is available for download in so many different file types is a cool feature, too.

10. Freegal Music

More than 9 million mp3s are available for download through the App. The finest musicians, vintage tunes, and original musical compositions from all around the globe! Once the app has been installed, check to see if your library subscribes to the Freegal service.
The programme has a dated interface, but those interested in transferring music on their mobile devices shouldn’t let that deter them. However, the app is littered with advertisements. Freegal Music doesn’t have every song by every artist.

Closing Remarks

Therefore, this post has covered not just one, but five of the greatest offline music-downloading apps for iPhone users to choose from. You don’t need an internet connection to listen to your favourite song with these apps.

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