Saturday, June 25, 2022
Add Speed Dial To Your iPhone

5 Ways To Add Speed Dial To Your iPhone

Back when you had to dial every number by hand, speed dial was a must-have productivity tool. Instead of wasting valuable seconds punching the...
iOS 15 Notifications silenced

How To Downgrade From iOS 16 To iOS 15 Without Losing Data

iOS 16 has a lot of cool features that iPhone users have been asking for for a long time. It was announced at WWDC...
Use Quick Note

How To Enable And Use Quick Note On iPhone In iOS 16

Last year, Apple released Quick Note as one of the coolest new iPadOS 15 features. This function is useful because it allows you to...
Share Sheet in iOS 15

Personalize Your iPhone’s Favorite Apps And Share Sheet In iOS 15

The Share Sheet on your iPhone makes it simple to share media between apps. Here's how to do it. The Basics of Sharing in iOS There...
webcam for mac

How To Make Your iPhone A Webcam For Your Mac

Even when the market has huge, varieties and excellent webcams all around us but still we are finding more and more advanced features for...

How To Enable Low Power Mode Automatically On iPhone

All our phones go to low power mode once the battery reaches 20%. This is one of the lifesavers for us as we have...
iOS 16 Developer Beta On iPhone

How Customizing iPhone Lock Screen In iOS 16 Is Different From Other Versions

Are you bored of having the same lock screen with a simple wallpaper or with the same boring fonts in iOS15? Apple has introduced...
Apple security

Now With 5 Easy Steps You Can Remove Fake Apple Security Alerts

All the Apple users have faced this problem in which they get some pop-up alert sometimes when they are just browsing the internet normally....
Customize The iPhone Lock Screen In iOS 16

How To Find The Battery Percentage Of iPhone 13

The exact answer isn't always evident at a glance if you're using an iPhone 13 (or iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone...
Background sounds on iPhone

How To Clear Cookies On iPhone 13

Cookies are the small files on the websites. These are designed to save login information, based on personal preference and deliver the most relevant...