Tuesday, September 27, 2022
File Explorer On Windows 11

8 Ways To Fix Windows 11 Troubleshooter Not Working

Try the troubleshooting methods listed below to resolve the Windows Troubleshooter not working in Windows 11 issue. Windows 11 is infamous for running into one...
Macbook apps take storage

Macbook Apps Taking Too Much Storage

High-resolution video, images, music, and other vital things like Macbook apps take storage space these days, compared to the days when our computers had...
Time Machine Can't See Old Backups in macbook

Time Machine Has Stopped Working On Mac June 2022:Fixed

Several customers have complained that Time Machine has stopped when they try to back up their Mac using Time Machine after updating to Monterey,...
Some Great Tips To Customise The Finder On Mac

Activity Monitor Not Working In macOS Monterey? Try These Fixes

If the activity monitor is not working on your Mac which you’ve recently updated to macOS Monterey, then we will help you access your...
Location services not working in the macOS Monterey

[Fixed] Location Services Not Working In macOS Monterey

In this troubleshooting guide, we have put down the different solutions that can resolve the location services not working in the macOS Monterey issue. Similar...
Safari not working after updating to macOS Monterey

Safari Not Working After Updating To macOS Monterey? Try These Fixes

Safari not working after updating to macOS Monterey? Don't worry, we will help you resolve it. Safari is the native web browser by Apple which...
Photos disappeared from Mac

Photos Disappeared From Mac: Fixed

Photos disappeared from Mac can be aggravating for Mac users. As technology advances, most individuals abandon retaining actual images in their life in favor...
Macbook not charging

Macbook Not Charging After Installing 12.4: Issue Fixed

If your Macbook not charging at all or does not display the charging status after upgrading to macOS Monterey, you are not alone. According...
App Store Missing

App Store Missing On iPhone: 8 Ways To Fix It

You've used the App Store if you've ever loaded third-party apps on your iPhone. Because Apple doesn't allow side-loading software on the iPhone for...
macOS Monterey 12.4 installation stuck

macOS Monterey 12.4 installation stuck? Try these fixes

Whenever Apple launches a new macOS update, whether a minor update or a major operating system upgrade, some people install it immediately to test...