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How To Access The Dark Web Using Tor Browser?

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Tor is the best for accessing the dark web among many web browsers. Unlike the surface web, the dark web is not for regular internet users. In 2021, it is be the digital home for criminals and a marketplace to buy and sell anything under the sun. And when I say anything, I mean ANYTHING!

The dark web or darknet first came into being in the U.S. created by its government. They created it for anonymous communication with their undercover agents and spies in other countries. Over a period of time, the dark web became a place for notorious activities and a platform for journalists and investigators to share truth and information anonymously.

The world wide web can be divided into three main parts: surface web, deep web and finally, the dark web. The surface web is what common people use to browse, shop, use social media and transactions etc. Deep web stores all confidential data and information of every country.

However, this part of the internet is only available to cybersecurity, military force and governments of different countries. Moreover, the darknet is the deepest end of the internet, where you can only gain access through an onion routing protocol. Therefore, regular users like you and me cannot access it using Chrome and other internet browsers.

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What Is Tor Browser, And How Does It Work To Access The Dark Web?

Tor stands for The Onion Routing, open-source software and implements the Onion routing protocol. Let’s say, for example, you want to access a website on the dark web, and the network will divide your request into packets, which will traverse some intermediate nodes before reaching the website’s server.

I know at this point you’re thinking, what the heck! The world wide web works like this, so what’s the difference? The difference in Onion routing is that before your request leaves your browser, the protocol encrypts it with en number of different keys. En number here denotes the number of intermediate nodes your request will pass through.

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How To Access The Dark Web Using Tor Browser?

Usually, there are three nodes between your network and the browser. Take this image, for example. Here K1 is the key, you and node 1 share, K2 is another key, you share with Node 2 and K3 with node 3. Therefore, encryption will happen first with K3, then with K2 and finally with K1.

Furthermore, when you send a request, node 1 receives it and decrypts the message. Don’t worry because two more encryption layers keep your request private. Moreover, node 1 will not know what the request is, but it knows the source, which is your I.P. address.

How To Access The Dark Web Using Tor Browser?

Thus, node 1 forwards your request to node 2 who decrypts it with the K2 key. Node 2 does not know the request source and forwards it to node 3. Finally, node 3 decrypts the request using the K3 key and sends it to the server website. The website receives the request and sends it back to node 3.

How To Access The Dark Web Using Tor Browser?

Thus, an Onion routing works on layers of encryption and ensures no middlemen can track your request.

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Benefits Of Onion Routing (Tor)

Onion routing provides two advantages to you a dark web user:

  • Confidentiality: No one on the web will be able to find out who is making the request. Thanks to the multiple layers of encryption, your request passes through several computers located at seven thousand locations all over the world.
  • Encryption: While using Tor, your data is fully secured with multiple layers of encryption. Thus, no third party will be able to read or get your information.

How To Download And Install Tor Browser For Accessing Dark Web?

Step 1: Go to Google Chrome and type Tor download. Click on enter and tap on the first link that comes up. Always click on the official website.

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Tor browser

Step 2: Depending on which system you are using, click on the download option below. On Windows 11, click on the download below the windows icon.

Step 3: Go to the downloaded file and click to install it. Click on Finish, and the installation is finished.

Step 4: Click on Tor, and a dialog box will appear. If Tor is censored in your country, click on Configure. If not, click on Continue.

Step 5: Wait for some time as the connection forms; after that, it will take you to the Tor browser. Search for something to check the connection speed.

Step 6: Your I.P. connection will be different, and if you want to create a new connection, click on the Tor icon and choose a new connection.

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How To Remove A Tor Browser In Windows P.C.?

Step 1: Go to Control Panel, click on Uninstall a Program, and type Tor. Unfortunately, you will not be able to find the application here.

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Step 2: So select the Tor folder and delete it. Furthermore, delete it from your Recycle bin too.

Step 3: To make sure that there are no leftover apps or shortcuts of Tor, use a registry cleaner. For that, go to your Chrome browser and search for reg cleaner Jouni vuorio.

Step 4: Click on Download and wait for the file to install. Furthermore, click on it and go to Main Tools.

Step 5: Tap on Uninstall software and leftovers to clean your system from anything related to Tor.

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While using Tor, you will also need to use a VPN. Of course, Tor gives you much-needed anonymity and security, but in these times, hackers are developing new strategies to break into your network. Especially if you want to venture into the dark web, you need to be very careful. Moreover, it is filled with dangerous people waiting to find a vulnerability in your network.

Do not click on any popup add or hideous emails and DMs. If you accidentally click on such things, your computer will freeze, and you will not be able to do anything while the hacker loads it with a Trojan virus.

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