Friday, October 7, 2022
Safety Check for iPhone

iOS 16 Battery Life Draining Fast On iPhone: Issue Fixed

Several new and improved features have been added to iOS 16, which Apple has just revealed. Many people report that their batteries drain rapidly...
reminders app in macOS Ventura

Everything New In Reminders App On macOS Ventura

In its most recent Mac operating system, Apple made several software improvements, one of which we’ll cover today- the Reminders app in macOS Ventura...

10 Best Sound Recorder For mac

In addition to being easy to use, Mac computers also deliver impressive results. When it comes to creating and manipulating media files, macOS has...
optimization software for Mac

8 Best Optimization Software To Speed Up Your Mac

Keep reading below to learn about the best optimization software you can choose to speed up your Mac considerably.  Technology has given users a wide...
time sensitive alerts in MacOS

How To Turn Off Sound For Time Sensitive Alerts in macOS?

One of the newest additions to the iPhone and iPad is the ability to get time-sensitive notifications. The new Focus feature in iOS 15...
extract rar files on mac

How To Extract RAR Files On macOS Ventura

While most technically-minded people are already well-versed in the RAR format, it is not uncommon for uninitiated users to have encountered the file format...
Get iOS Audio Directly To macOS Output

2 Methods To Get iOS Audio Directly To macOS Output

You can Get iOS audio directly to your Mac if there is any problem with your device. Just imagine, if you'd like to play...
Mac tips for new setups

Your Macbook Actually Helps You More Than Your Friends.

Macbook Actually Helps to the People who utilise Apple products and they have the simplest lives in the technological world. Friends are precious and yet...
macOS Ventura

macOS Ventura: Common Problems And Solutions

macOS Ventura wasn't released until July, developers have been busy porting over their existing code and testing it under the new operating system since...
MacBook Battery Last Longer

Tips To Make Your Old MacBook Battery Last Longer

Making MacBook Battery Last Longer is the one every mac user wants. Subsequently, The days of digging out a pack of AAA batteries are...