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15 Best Shows Like Stranger Things You Must Watch

A cultural phenomenon, the Netflix sensation Stranger Things combines intrepid teen exploits, and supernatural mystery. Also Nostalgia for the 1980s into a prestige series...

13 Best Kid-Friendly Anime To Watch Together

If you've never seen any, you could think that all anime is adult-themed Japanese cartoons with big-eyed characters and brilliant colors. Although some anime...
Sci-Fi TV Series

10 Best Sci-fi TV Series To Watch On HBO Max-October 2022

Are you looking for some Sci-Fi innovative TV series? Imagine a distant future where sentient robots are a common occurrence. Or perhaps you want...
Manifest Season 4

Manifest Season 4- All You Need To Know

Manifest's third season concluded in June 2021, leaving fans with unanswered issues and tense turmoil. However, NBC made clear shortly after the conclusion of...
Turkish Series To Watch This Winter

12 Turkish Series To Watch This Winter 2022

Turkish series have developed a global fandom over the last several years, spilling across into other countries. And the main reasons for that are...
Stranger things in order

Stranger Things In Order: How And Where To Watch

Stranger Things on Netflix has become such a cultural phenomenon. With novels, comic books, and all kinds of other media tie-ins. Most viewers will...
12 Shows That You Can't Miss On Apple TV Plus

12 Shows That You Can’t Miss On Apple TV Plus

A subscription to Apple TV+ is totally worth it if you have not explored the platform yet. It has a great library of content...
How To Join Netflix Watch Party Using Teleparty

10 Series On Netflix You Can’t Miss This December 2022

Netflix - being the leader in the OTT platforms or streaming industry, has a lot in store for the audience in this December 2022....
10 Filipino Popular Movies/TV Shows To Watch On Netflix

10 Filipino Popular Movies/TV Shows To Watch On Netflix

10 Filipino Popular Movies/TV Shows To Watch On Netflix
YellowStone Season 5

Is YellowStone Season 5 Worth Watching?

Taylor Sheridan is the creator of Yellowstone, the showrunner, and the "god of the cowboy heart." He is often praised for his dark, gritty,...