Top 5 Technology Smartphones Use Today

GeneralTop 5 Technology Smartphones Use Today

Smartphones today have made our lives efficient and convenient. The different types of smartphones we use work on advanced processors. Our phones are mini-robots in our hands from the latest iOS 15, Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, and much more. Only when we truly understand the real power of technology and use it for goodwill, we will live a genuinely modern life that our ancestors have dreamed for us. At one point in time in the past, having a landline to talk to relatives and friends living in different parts of the city and state was a great source of joy.

Today, however, mobile phone technology has taken one hundred steps forward in a short time. We have the world in our hands, from touch screens to DSLR level cameras, flip phones, and ultra-fast processors. However, apart from the hardware, it is the software that is even more surprising. Check out the five advanced technology that we did not imagine a decade back.

1. Instant Apps On Android

Top 5 Technology Smartphones Use Today
Smartphone Technology

The instant apps on android are a dream come true for users. The reason is that, as the name suggests, users can use them instantly without downloading them. However, since hundreds of new apps are created every day, users must first install an app to run it. And if they do not like it or end up getting some bug from the app, which happens 90% of the time, they get to uninstall it. In this process, users on limited bandwidth and time, exhaust their resources.

Instant apps are native apps in the app store. So for developers who own an app in the store can get access to it directly. Moreover, they are smooth to run and saves your bandwidth too. As of now, they are available in the 5.0 onward versions of the android.

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2. Artificial Intelligence In Smartphones

With the introduction of Cortana, Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, we can assume that we are not very far from the era where our lives will be enveloped by artificial intelligence. The process has already started with our smartphones. It just did not turn out the way our forefathers thought it would be, you know, like having giant metallic human-like robots doing household chores. Instead, artificial intelligence turned out minimalistic and automated.

For instance, now, with just one command to Alexa, you can switch on all your lights in the house, adjust the thermostat, play your favorite song and start the vacuum cleaner all at once. And how do you do it? Your Smartphone!

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3. Enabling Location-Based Services

Top 5 Technology Smartphones Use Today
GPS Services On Smartphone

How much we longed before mobile phones’ evolution to find and get services based on our location, right? For instance, when we travel to a new state we know nothing about, we get so anxious about asking strangers about the nearest hotels and spas. Smartphones make this process easy by accessing our location on every app and showing us everything we need.

Moreover, apps like Google Maps that uses GPS helps us to walk in the right direction and give us location-based information like weather, food etc. Furthermore, GPS enables us to use apps like Uber and Lyft to get us into a taxi home in no time. Unfortunately, not all apps need our location access, but still, they try to trace our footsteps to send targeted ads on our mailbox.

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4. Augmented Reality Will Be A Real Thing

Do you remember when Pokemon Go was trending like anything? Youngsters and adults were hooked, and the app hit a record of 752 million downloads. The only reason it was possible was because of augmented reality on smartphone devices. Augmented reality on mobile phones is a world of unlimited potential that just got discovered.

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Developers worldwide are brainstorming on how to use AR in mobile to help people from different walks of life. Whether its a driver needing information or a doctor teaching his staff the basics of medicine. This technology is already underway, and in the next few years, will boom.

Top 5 Technology Smartphones Use Today
Augmented Reality in Smartphone

5. Smooth Money Transfer

In 2021, our lives are technically dependent on the internet. After the pandemic hit the world, everything is traveling online for most of the population, from food to essentials and money. As a result, there has been an increase in the number of apps created for online money transfers like Ria Money Transfer, Payoneer, and Paypal, etc. Therefore, now we can expect to see fewer brick and mortal banks and ATMs on our way.

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Besides these, our smartphones can now be well integrated with our laptops and tablets. Many professionals prefer working on their smartphones while outside the office. More biometrics like facial recognition, signature recognition, voice recognition, and fingerprint recognition are helping make our smartphones secure.

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