Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Apple Apps not syncing with iCloud

How To Free Up Storage Space On iCloud

Free Up Storage Space on iCloud Even if you just bought one of the best iPhones a few weeks ago, your iCloud storage space can...
Live Text Feature in Windows

How To Get macOS’ Live Text Feature In Windows

Live Text Feature in Windows To copy, translate, or look up text that is in an image with Apple's Live Text feature, you just need...
Can't download files in Microsoft Edge

How To Change Microsoft Edge Kiosk Settings In Windows 11

How to set up Microsoft Edge Kiosk Settings in Windows 11 is shown in this post for new users. It's possible to set up...
Sidecar not working on Mac and iPad

Sidecar Not Working On Mac And iPad-Fixed

To what purpose does the Sidecar serve? A two-monitor setup is becoming more common in professional settings, and Apple made Sidecar to make it easier...

How To Clean Install Windows 11

To make a clean installation of Windows 11, you have to wipe the computer's hard drive and install a new copy of the OS....
Installing Windows 11

4 Ways To Find Your IP Address On Windows 11 PC

There are a lot of new features in Windows 11, but the core is mostly the same. I know that the Settings page looks...
Silence Notifications on iPhone

How To Silence Notifications On iPhone

People who buy an iPhone don't get any profiles that let them mute the phone or turn off notifications. When you put your phone...
Windows 11 File Explorer Tabs

How To Increase VRAM In Windows 11

Computer memory is very important if you want to get to applications and programmes quickly. The computer memory, or RAM, is used by the...
Widgets in Windows 11

How To Add Or Remove Widgets In Windows 11

About Windows 11 As our PCs become more important in our lives, Windows 11 is designed to help you connect with the things that make...
Record audio in iPhone and iPad

How To Record Audio On iPhone And iPad

Steve  Jobs, the CEO of Apple, made what is thought to be his best presentation ever when he announced the iPhone on January 9,...