Friday, September 30, 2022
apple watch series 8

Apple Watch Series 8- Everything You Should Know

So as far as now everyone knows about the Apple Watch Series 7. Till now this tops the list of all other watches. But...
YouTube Videos On Apple Watch

Now Enjoy YouTube Videos On Apple Watch

This is the great and the latest news for the Apple users who have iWatch. Here is the latest news that you can watch...
Apple Watch Not Tracking Activity

Apple Watch Not Tracking Activity (2022): Fixed

Apple Watch Not Tracking with the Activity App issue might occur at any time, and you may not know what to do. You may...

How To Fix Apple Apps Not Syncing With iCloud Issue

One of the best features of owning an iPhone, iPad, and Mac is the ease with which information can be transferred between them. You...
account recovery contact for your Apple ID

How To Set Up An Account Recovery Contact For Your Apple ID

At some point, everyone forgets their password. However, if you're an Apple customer, losing your Apple ID password can be a significant issue due...
Can't install apps on Apple Watch

Can’t Install Apps On Apple Watch? Try These Fixes

Apple Watch is one of the smartest gadgets out there and gets so much done. However, it can be moody sometimes and keeps running...
How to see your steps with Apple Watch

How To See Your Steps With Apple Watch?

How to see your steps with Apple watch including distance and trends? Do you want to get fit this year? Start by learning "how to...
Apple Watch handsfree

How To Use Apple Watch Handsfree

In this article, we will know how to use your handsfree on Apple Watch. Normally, users interact with the Apple Watch using touchscreen gestures. This...
iPhone and Apple watch protect you from hearing loss

How iPhone And Apple Watch Can Help Protect You From Hearing Loss

iPhone and Apple watch protect you from hearing loss Apple has a long history of incorporating health-related features into a wide variety of its products....
Apple watch

10 Apple Watch Settings You’ll Want To Change Right Away

The Apple Watch is already very easy to use, but there are ways to make it even easier. As long as these changes make...