How The All-New Safari In iOS 15 Works?

TechHow ToHow The All-New Safari In iOS 15 Works?

Safari is the fastest browser in the world. It was included from the time of the first iPhone and continues to blow our minds. However, the browser can give up to seventeen hours of the fast browsing experience on an M1 Macbook Pro. In addition, features like intelligent tracking and privacy report make browsing safe and secure.

In this pandemic-driven world, iOS users are using the browser more than ever. Office, school, shopping, entertainment, and reading. Doing so much on one device crows the screen with en number of tabs open. It can get exhausting to dig up from hundreds of browsers to find yours. So, Apple took the opportunity to give its users a clean and comfortable browser in iOS 15.

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What Is New In The Safari iOS 15?

How The All-New Safari In iOS 15 Works?
Safari In iPhone

In iOS 15, Safari is not only looking way more relaxed than it ever did, but the user-friendly browser is worth giving a try for its faster experience. Apple has distilled multiple tabs into one search bar so that the browser feels more compact and lightweight. In iOS 15, we are also getting a few features called Tab Groups. You can easily save and manage your tabs without having to dig a crowded screen.

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In simple terms, Apple has integrated all tabs into the active search bar. So that you can move from one account to the next with just a swipe and nothing more, it’s more convenient than ever. The reason for distilling all the tabs into one is to make the browser more space-efficient and give your room to see and focus on the present tab.

In the tabs group, you can create separate tabs for your need. For instance, you can create a tab for news, entertainment, reminders, shopping, food, and work. So when you open a particular website and you liked it enough to read later, you can save it in one of these tabs.

How The All-New Safari In iOS 15 Works?
New Safari In iOS

The exciting thing is the Apple ecosystem that seamlessly works on the go. The tabs and changes you make on the iPad will be available on all your Apple devices. You can also share these tabs with your friends and family via email. Moreover, Apple has also enabled it in a way where you can add it to your active search bar. Since you will be using the tab groups a lot, having them just a click away makes it a lot more convenient for you.


Apart from these changes, Apple has pushed the envelope further with the iPhone. Since we are dealing with a smaller screen, they have made the browser a focus. It means that when you want the search bar to appear, it’s just a click away. And when you are trying to read something, the search bar disappears, giving you the space to read or watch on the go.

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